5 Ways Instagram Ads Can Help Your Dental Practice

Is your dental practice on Instagram? It can be a great addition to you marketing strategy to connect with current and potential patients. It draws the generation young enough to enjoy the platform but also old enough to be making their own medical decisions, especially as many are moving away from their hometowns.

The visual element of Instagram also allows you to unleash your creative side, which can be a great way to connect with people.

1. Puts Your Practice in Front of Potential Patients

Sure, this is the obvious reason, but still worth putting here. A well-targeted Instagram ad (more below) with the right image can help you connect with those looking for a dentist. Your goal is to create an ad with a welcoming touch. Avoid the dental jargon and technical aspects; instead use these images or video to make your practice human.

2. Highlight Your Practice’s Achievements

Many areas participate in the “Best of” awards that are voted on by either staff or customers. If your practice is chosen, it can be an excellent way to show that people external to the doctors believe your practice is a great choice.

Does your practice volunteer in the community? We’re not saying you should only volunteer to use it for advertising, but it does show that you care and are engaged in the community.

3. Maximize Your Humanity

Sure, you could show how advanced your technology is, but to the average person that won’t be enough. They don’t care if you have the latest technology, as long as they can receive the best care possible. You need to show your human side and connect emotionally. A picture of your team, a hygienist with a patient, or other human interaction can help make that personal connection.

4. Create High Quality Targeted Ads

Instagram’s ad targeting works similarly to Facebook’s, as Facebook now has ownership of Instagram and has consolidated the ad platforms. You can target your ads with location, demographics, interests, and actions, among others.

Utilizing these targeting options ensures that you reach the right people in point #1: those who are looking for dentists in your area. By not fully utilizing these options you’ll be wasting your ad spend on people who wouldn’t take action because they don’t have the need that you fulfill.

5. Utilize Patient Reviews to Sell Your Dental Experience

Nothing sells your practice to others like honest, real patient reviews. Do you have a patient who can’t stop raving about their experience with you and your team? Ask if you can take their picture, use a quote, and use it in and Instagram ad. The visual of a smiling person with a glowing review can really catch users’ eyes.

Instagram can be a great way to show the human side of your dental practice. By being active on Instagram and utilizing their targeted advertising platform, you can reach more people and build your practice. Are you ready to connect with your future patients? Then focus on creating an enviable Instagram feed and ad campaign to fully utilize the power of social media.

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