Continuing Your Education In Dentistry


With new technology being introduced every day, the dental industry is changing at a rapid speed that pushes the boundaries of dentistry forward. It is now more important than ever before to stay up-to-date with the latest in preventive care, diagnostics and treatment in order to provide the highest degree of dental care for your patients. There are definitely quite a few advantages associated with being in-the-know with advancements in dentistry, and as constant supporters of continuing education, Keating Dental Lab would like to share the benefits of becoming a master in complex dental care.

Make Sure Your Dental License Is Up-To-Date

Ongoing training is so crucial that a majority of states require all dentists and hygienists to receive credits on an ongoing basis in order to keep their licenses up-to-date annually. For instance, the state of California requires that the dentist should have at least 50 hours of continuing education as a prerequisite to renewing their licenses bi-annually. Keeping your license up-to-date will ensure that you are able to continue your practice in the industry.

Ensure Your Patients Are Getting Quality Care

It is not only beneficial to you to continue your education, but to your patients as well. Patients walking into your doors will be treated with the latest in diagnostic, preventive, and treatment methods in the field. Continuing your education allows the patient to receive the best treatment in town and allows you to stay competitive with other practices in the area.

Improve Your Knowledge And Refine Your Techniques

Continuing education holds numerous possibilities for dental professionals to broaden their career paths. Such opportunities only help to enhance one’s professionalism in the workplace and increase earning power as well. IV Sedation, Oral Surgery, Occlusion, and Dental Implants are a few of the many forms of complex dental care that you could add to your repertoire through continuing education. Advancements in dental technology will also help to refine your techniques on a consistent basis.

Support Your Staff And Build Your Team

Sending your junior staff to continuing education courses and seminars could be a positive way to encourage team-building measures. More and more senior dentists across the country are sending their junior staff to on-going dental education programs taught by U.S. dental professionals and taking advantage of staff development opportunities.

Continuing your education in dentistry is not only extremely important for your success as a health care provider, but also proves that education does not end with commencement. As you advance through your career, you will achieve goals and share the knowledge you have gained through experience. At Keating Dental Lab, we believe that education never ends, and we are passionate about sharing advances in developing technology with you. As Michelangelo once said at the ripe age of 87: “I am still learning.”


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