Digital Scanners For Your Dental Practice

It’s been exciting to see the growth of digital dentistry, and we’ve fully integrated digital scanners into our workflow. Because of how easy-to-use and mess-free digital scanners are, many dentists have begun using them. Which means they also need a lab that can accommodate digital impressions!

Our highly trained CAD/CAM technicians will be able to read files from each of these scanners, and from that data create a high quality dental restoration every time.

iTero® Intraoral Scanner

The iTero® Intraoral Scanner helps improve both patient experience and impression accuracy. It integrates perfectly with our workflow, which means there will be no issues with file types.

The iTero outputs open architecture STL files, which means you can directly upload them to our lab. Our CAD/CAM technicians will then import the scan and use it to design and fabricate a modeless restoration with the precision of digital fabrication.

3Shape Trios Digital Scanner

The 3Shape Trios digital scanner offers your patients a chance to see 3D-rendered scans in your office. This hands-on approach to patient care can help explain treatment options in a way they can understand. These models provide full-color, and the 3Shape Trios can also render precise shade taking on every scan.

Unlike some scanners, the 3Shape Trios is built to be forward compatible, so it will still be relevant as your practice grows and technology advances. As a dentist, you won’t need proprietary networks to submit files, so the process is smooth for every case.

Our CAD/CAM technicians are highly trained in the Trios’ capabilities. Whether you need veneers, a crown, or an implant, we can create the best possible restoration for your patient.

3M True Definition Digital Scanner

The 3M True Definition digital scanner is one of the best in the industry, boasting a clinically proven fit rate of 99.7%. After thousands of successful restorative cases, the True Definition Scanner will help bring superior accuracy and fit into your dental practice.

This model also offers a low-profile wand, ensuring patient comfort. This type of wand also allows optimal ease of use, and their spray-on powder dries quickly to ensure the accuracy you need.

This digital scanner also uses open architecture STL files using 3M’s Connection Center. This allows our technicians to access scans as well as technical and Rx information so we can provide your patient with an efficient dental restoration.

Carestream Digital Scanner

The Carestream digital scanner offers a wide scanning angle, offering the most natural range of motion while scanning. This scanner also captures data using a depth range of 15 millimeters, which improves your efficiency while offering a more comfortable experience for your patient.

The Carestream digital scanner is an investment (as all digital scanners are), but with our CAD/CAM technicians ready to design and fabricate your restorations, you can make the most of this product.

As digital scanners continue to grow within the industry, we’ve developed one of the most advanced in-house workflows available. It’s built to integrate with all practices, and every case we receive is finished with the same cutting-edge precision we’re known for. Irrespective of your preferred process, we can help you produces the best dental restorations possible for your patients.

To get started with your first digital dental restoration, give us a call at (800) 433-9833.

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