Embracing new Technology in your Dental Practice

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In the past decade, digital dentistry has taken the dental industry by storm! Advances in science, technology, and biomaterials have convinced many dental practices and labs to integrate new technologies into their business and maximize treatment options.  Cosmetic Dental Technology is now incorporating modern techniques to help create the most beautiful smile possible for your clients.

Dental professionals are seeing the influx of new and improved technology that can help them be more efficient and effective in their practice. Modern dentistry offers many solutions for people wary of dental care, by having a variety of treatments allows the dentist to determine the best method to use for each specific case. Modern technology allows treatment options like same day crowns, less invasive surgical procedures, and dental implants. These treatments cut some of the re-visits for more convenient, effective, and efficient treatment. Dental surgery is one area that really benefits from modern technology. The new generation of procedures is highly effective and less invasive than the previous generation of dental surgery. Which means less pain for the patient and less stress for the doctor! Of course, not every form of treatment is going to suit every patient. However, with so many new options, it is even more important than ever to use a high-quality dental practice and lab employing skilled practitioners and new technology.

Dr. Angela Ruff, DDS is one of Keating Dental Lab’s long-term clients and recent Dental up podcast guest, she is a prime example of a dentist that has fully embraced new technology into her practice. Ruff is using X-point technology which makes it easy to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focus point allowing for precise guiding of the surgical implant. The X-GuideTM system allows for the dentist to visualize the placement of virtual teeth for better aesthetic planning, and in surgery, you’re able to control real-time movements of the drill and implant installation with meticulous placement. Embracing new technology can cut down the number of tools used during a procedure, decrease the amount of chair time for the patient, and increase the amount of success during an operation like installing a dental implant for example. Currently, there is a lot of new machinery and technology that is just waiting to be taken advantage of, but the first dentist must be ready to embrace change and growth. Dental Practices should not be afraid to incorporate new technology, it is there to make the work run more efficiently and improve the overall performance.

For more information regarding new technology in the dental industry and ways to integrate technology in your practice. Listen to our Dental Up podcast episode featuring Dr. Angela Ruff, DDS.  

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