Embracing The Future Of Digital Dentistry

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In the past decade, digital dentistry has taken the world of dentistry by storm. Advances in science and technology and biomaterials have convinced many dental practices and labs to integrate new technologies into their business and maximize treatment options.

In a broad scope, the digitization of dentistry can be defined as any device or technology that incorporates computer-controlled or digital components in comparison to the traditional mechanical or electrical methods. The most common method of digital dentistry being used today is CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing), but new areas are being researched and introduced that make dentistry easier, safer, and more enjoyable – to both the doctor and the patient.

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Hesitation To Adapt

Even though the world of digital dentistry has proven to make a positive difference in the industry, many dentists find themselves resisting the adoption and integration of such technologies. According to Dental Economics, “it took roughly two years for air rotor handpieces to gain widespread adoption and replace belt-driven handpieces, about five years for widespread adoption of PFM crowns, and about 25 years for implants.” All of these methods are now proven and widely used by nearly every individual in dentistry.

It won’t be long until dentists realize the profit-maximizing effects of digital dentistry and begin to integrate the technological advances into their own practices. In order to reap the benefits of improved efficiency and quality results, more clinicians should try to stay ahead in the race towards digital dentistry by becoming a part of the early majority. A crucial part of embracing the future of dental technology is becoming a pioneer in the adoption and integration of digital methods.

Digital Is Efficient – Efficiency Results In Revenue

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There are a number of clear advantages to transitioning into digital dentistry from traditional methods, the most obvious one being improved efficiency. For example, with a digital 3D intraoral scan, the lab can instantly receive the image and produce a fully working model within 24 hours. This saves both time and money by getting rid of shipping and handling to and from the lab while simultaneously reducing room for mistakes made by messy impressions. Another advantage of digital dentistry is a high level of predictability of outcomes.

In comparison to previous methods, digital dentistry leaves little to no room for mistake. Digital impression systems send color information along with the scan that allows the lab to view critical components when considering the full restoration. This allows for more natural contours and color options for a more beautiful and natural appearance. Digital dentistry benefits your patients as much as it benefits you and your practice. If a patient’s crown were to be damaged, you can easily produce a replacement using the original 3D scanned image without having to take a new impression.

Digital Dentistry Is The Future

Not only does digital dentistry provide improved efficiency, better aesthetics, and a variety of treatment options, it also allows you to invest in the future of your practice. While the upfront prices may seem initially overwhelming, these costs are guaranteed to pay for themselves over time based on savings derived from increased productivity and fewer consumables.

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At Keating Dental Lab, we would like to encourage all doctors and clinicians to decide which areas of dental technology will best augment your practice and make an informed decision regarding your choice of product.

Digital dentistry is more than just a trend, it is the future of dentistry. By embracing the future of digital dentistry, dentists can experience increased satisfaction in practicing dentistry and provide better care for their patients.

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