Establishing Teamwork in your Practice

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Every single day in the office there are opportunities for teamwork, from morning meetings to preparing patients, to closing out at the end of the day. Working together is extremely important and crucial to the overall health of any practice. It not only creates an inviting professional environment for the staff but also a pleasant and gratifying experience for the patients. Teamwork is having mutual respect for your coworkers and being able to focus on what’s best for the patient and practice. Teamwork takes time, practice, and the ability to come to a unified understanding of the common goals and ethics for the company. This will not only decrease stress but will increase productivity and profitability and make the overall work experience more meaningful.

Creating trust in the work environment means knowing that if you asked for help, you will not be judged or ridiculed. By establishing trust within the office, each team member knows how to do his or her job, and that each member will be able to help each other, the people in charge can focus on their own areas.

  • Co-worker Encouragement:
    • One of the core elements of teamwork is the uplifting of those on the team because when one person succeeds, everyone on the team is closer to success. The same goes for when a co-worker is struggling, it could potentially bring the whole team down. That’s why it is important to celebrate successes and offer support and assistance to those struggling and keeping each other accountable to achieve certain goals.
  • Effective Conflict Resolution:
    • Often when conflict arises, and teamwork is prevalent, it is important that no one employee feels alone in resolving a problem. The team should be there to not only support but provide insights that will help resolve issues faster and more efficiently.
  • Responsible Actions:
    • Each member of the team should know their roles and how their roles play into the entirety of the team. When this happens, people take responsibility and ownership for their roles and job duties.
  • Open and Respectful Communication:
    • Communication is a key element of great teamwork. Each member should be able to express opinions, ideas, and even problems to others without ego or criticism. Hence, why it is crucial that co-workers learn to listen and respect the diverse and varying opinions of others in the work environment.

It is important to remember that support and a sense of belonging in the workplace can contribute greatly to job satisfaction. While also establishing a strong team environment that acts as a great support system for the members. Incorporating these factors into your business will drive success, and lead to a more rewarding day at the office.
Listen to Dr. Tiffany DuShane go more in-depth on the subject, Click the tab below to listen to the full Dental Up Podcast Episode. 

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