How Keating Dental Lab Uses 3shape Digital Scanners

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What is a 3shape Digital Scanner?

Keating Dental Labs’ digital workflow uses 3shape scanners to upload impression scans into our 3shape software. We use this method because we can take a poured model from the stone and scan it using the 3shape digital scanners, which take many images from each angle and rotates them, then uploads them into the technician’s computer to be designed using the software. Once the impression is scanned, we can view the digital model by zooming in and out and tilting it on its access to consider any irregularities. Click the link to send your next 3shape digital scan.


Technicians and 3shape Scanners

The technician’s job is to upload the patients’ information, what tooth number/s they will be working on, and the material and due date. Then, when the impression is matched up with the upper and lower bite, the technician can alter the crown by design and adjust contacts and margins. There would be no way to upload the analog impression without the scanner and create a digital restoration.

3shape design software

Partnership with 3shape

Keating Dental Lab has had a strong partnership with 3shape and its digital scanners and has adopted its technology. When technology changes, we upgrade to the newer version, which is faster, saving the technician time on uploading speeds and processing to focus more on the design of the restoration. There are many models, and we do not recommend one over the other as they all have benefits over each other and are based on technician preference and product type. We are a certified 3shape dental lab that has gone through designing a Keating Dental Zirconia Crown and sending it to 3shape for approval. We can be found on their website as a dental lab recommendation.

3shape Scanner Benefits

With the scanner, we can scan for implant and denture cases. There are specific steps that a denture would need to be uploaded into our system via scan. Our Denture Manager can help with any technical questions regarding what type of impression should be sent to the lab for scanning purposes. We can take this method and design digital dentures in fewer steps than previous methods. We can also upload implant cases using the 3shape digital scanners. We have a technique that makes it possible to create crowns for implant cases using the 3shape software. Scanning cases can be straightforward or complex. It depends on what the product or material will be. The scanner helps the technician streamline by inputting the 3d scan into the software where they can design the restoration.


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Keating Dental Lab Digital Workflow

We have stayed consistent with the method of digital workflow that our laboratory maintains when scanning impressions into our database of cases. We can organize the patients through a sequence of scanning and uploading into the software. If we must look up a case, we can search for it on our computers, and the scan will pop right up. Suppose any issues happen in some instances. In that case, we can immediately contact the doctor to take another impression without wasting time designing a crown that will ultimately not work because of undercuts or errors that the system picks up. For most of our customers, the prep design looks excellent, and we can proceed to the next step without calling the clinician to redo the case. It saves us both time and money.

The scanner from 3 shapes is a big part of our digital workflow. Without it, we would not be able to design restorations using the 3shape software. We need these products to get accurate results so that our CAD/CAM machines can mill high-end products at an affordable price. A knowledgeable and experienced technician controls our 3shape digital scanners. Our technicians design the restorations with minimal to zero time waiting for the case to be fabricated. With a designated scanner that one or two individuals control, we can focus on the scanning, designing, and milling and separate intervals. We find that this workflow works best when there is a high demand for our products.

milling process

Trusted Dental Technology

Since we are committed to using 3shape digital scanners, we are also determined to have the latest technology. This means that sometimes older technology just doesn’t cut it when it comes to high demands of work that need to be finished and returned in a timely fashion. The equipment does come with a price tag that might not fit the budgets of every lab. However, we understand the importance of staying up to date with technology, and the faster the scans can be uploaded, the better. As a clinician, you don’t have to worry about cases coming back from the lab late due to malfunctioning equipment as we have a team of people who make sure that everything is running smoothly from start to finish, and we update our equipment when needed.

The 3shape lab scanner is an asset to our company, and we continue to use the product and don’t plan on changing it. Part of why Keating separates itself from other labs is that it invests in high-end and reliable equipment. Again, a product that we can trust to do the job right. The scanner works well with the software too. Something that goes hand in hand. However, there are other scanners that we use specifically for implants that need to be scanned using a large articulator. We trust our equipment and workflow and would recommend other labs, if they have not already purchased a 3shape digital scanner, to get on board and see what they are all about. Here is the link to the 3shape digital lab scanners.

Knowing that your lab, such as Keating Dental Lab, maintains relationships with industry-leading companies like 3shape will only mean that we choose a product that will benefit everyone involved. That being the technician who can now scan faster and more accurate models. The outcome that the patient will receive and the fit and functioning of the crown that the clinician will appreciate. When asked what kind of workflow we use, we do not hesitate because we know it’s leading in technology. Accuracy is a critical component of how the final restoration will turn out. With 3shape digital scanners, it is highly accurate in copying the original impression so that there are no questions asked if fit will be an issue.

The scanners also produce accurate imaging that better functions the final restorations. When computers are involved, the technology can pick up errors that need to be corrected by the technician. Once everything looks good, we are confident that the final restoration will work appropriately with everyday life. The patient will be able to go back to how their teeth functioned in the past when everything was good. The results might even be better than before. With our aesthetic crowns, the patient will likely be smiling from ear to ear.

Types of 3shape Scanners

3shape can be categorized into different types, such as an intra-oral scanner for dentists or lab scanners for technicians. The intra-oral scanners for dentists begin with the TRIOS 4, TRIOS 3, and TRIOS 3 Basic. These intra-oral scanners are for sale and can be purchased online. Click the link for more information about intra-oral scanners for dentists. These products are not the same as the lab scanners. The technology will progress over time, as does all technology.

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If you are a long-time customer or someone who wants to give us a try, remember that the 3shape digital scanner makes a heck of a difference in accuracy resulting in better fit, function, and aesthetics.

If you want to get started, please visit here. We will send you information and special offers about our products and set up shipping. Let us know if we can answer any questions by calling (800) 433-9833.



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