How to Give Your Client a Red Carpet Smile


February is known for many things, one of which is the Oscars red carpet, when Hollywood descends in perfect smiles and questionably fashionable garb. Red carpet smiles, however, aren’t just for the acting elite. Your patient’s should feel great, and their smile could be what stands in the way. Whether they want a whiter smile or something more involved like orthodontics or restorations, there’s a way to give them the smile they desire.

Whitening: A Cosmetic Touch Up

Teeth whitening treatments have developed a great deal over the last 20 years and have evolved into a safe, fast, effective, and affordable treatment. This is the best option for those that already have a great smile from a dental standpoint, and just needs a touch up. Or, this can also be used as a final step in the treatments below.


Orthodontics: Straighten Their Smile

Whether your patient prefers invisible orthodontics (like Invisalign) or traditional orthodontics, this is a feasible way to improve a patients smile without the process required for veneers. As long as there isn’t a functional bite issue, adult orthodontics are a fairly quick option.

If after the straightening is complete and their teeth could still use a touch up, there is an optimal whitening option for them to create that red carpet smile they’re looking for.

Restorations: Creating a Unique Smile

As clinicians, there are steps you can take to optimize a patient’s desired results, and with an arsenal of tools available, you can create a unique treatment plan. Restorations, including full-coverage crowns, veneers, and bonding, can optimize the results for your patient.


A key part of creating a restoration for a patient is designing their smile. Like the denture fundamentals you learned in dental school, restorations require considering more than the teeth. A patients facial shape, smile, skin tone, eyes, and hair all create a “look”, and the materials used need to reflect that. Working with a lab that knows the ideal products for different situations makes the restoration process painless (for you, at least), and gives your patient the smile they crave.


Regardless of the treatment your patient is looking for, you have the tools to create a red carpet smile, whether they’re headed to one or want the everyday self-confidence that comes from a great smile. Looking for the products to create a red carpet smile for your patient? We’d love to talk with you about our products and which is the best option for your patient.

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