Identifying your Career calling in Dentistry

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Choosing a career can be rather difficult for some but what if a career chooses you? A few Dentists from our Dental Up Podcasts have provided insights on how Dentistry has shaped their lives.

For a dentist, the most important part of the job is to make the patient feel safe and provide them with the best oral care possible. It is imperative that a dentist assesses any situation, by practicing good judgment, using critical thinking, listening to his/her patient, and leading the staff quickly and effectively. A dentist must look out for the patient above all else and must make a diagnosis, avert, and treat problems with teeth and oral tissue.

On our Dental Up Podcast episodes, we frequently ask our dentists about their decision to enter the dental industry. For example, Dr. Tiffany DuShane, DMD stated“Dentistry has been a part of her family for generations and by the age of 7, she knew that she wanted a career in the industry. Her past experiences of going through the process of getting braces, cavities, and other dental work done”, allowed for Dr. Dushane to see the magic of dentistry by experiencing how each process works from point A to point Z. After a few visits to her Local dentist, she became obsessed with the instant gratification that Dentistry had to offer. Being able to fix a person’s problem almost instantly and satisfy their needs was something that she was looking for while in medical school.

A career in dentistry has the capability to provide people that are interested in the medical field with consolation and fulfillment that other careers they often lack. Another example of how dentistry has altered someone’s career path is Dr. Francisco Darquea, DDS who began his career in the medical field planning to become a nurse, but after his humanitarian trip to El Salvador with a few doctors and dentists, opened his eyes to what he could achieve in dentistry. He knew that he wanted to be of service to people but wasn’t sure what medical field to pursue but after seeing the type and amount of procedures that dentist could accomplish, convinced him to change his career path.

There are as many ways to be a dentist as there are dentists in the world. It is a career that provides plenty of rewards and challenges as well as the opportunity to help people and make communities healthier places.

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