Introducing Dental Up, Your New Favorite Dental Resource

Introducing Dental Up, Your New Favorite Dental Resource

One of our goals here at Keating Dental Lab is to be more than just a lab. We want to create resources to help you grow your practice, learn about new techniques, and introduce you to new technology. Today, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kim Solomon, discusses our educational website, Dental Up, that has podcasts, articles, and more. So you can watch videos on tips and techniques, then also read articles on using our products or running a dental practice.

New Resources on Dental Up

Take a look below at the new resources on Dental Up!

Dental Up Podcasts

One of our favorite resources is when Dr. Ringer at Keating, sits down with others in the industry and talks about products and techniques. These dental podcasts have been with some of the best KOLs in the industry, and in a variety of subjects.

We’ve been able to tap into this emerging market, and we’re excited at how it’s been growing. Dr. Ringer has been able to interview some well-known names in dentistry, like Ron Jackson, Damian McDonald, and Tom Olsen.

Our Educational Resources

In addition to our videos, we’ve developed over 125 educational videos on Dental Up. Most are 10 to 15 minute “white boards” where Dr. Ringer goes through a technique or material. It could be how to block out a dark tooth, how to use a new technique or material, or how to take a shade using a natural shade guide.

They’re very informative and quick to watch, so you can get the information up front and get on with your day.

Dental Up Study Club

In January of 2016 we started our Dental Up Study Club, which is a bi-monthly meet up for local dentists to discuss a variety of topics. The last meeting we covered implants and how to restore them, as well as a keynote speaker from Noble Biocare, the company we regularly work with. We really enjoy interacting with our clients, and this is one of our favorite ways to do so.

We want to focus on more than our products. We want to help you develop your skills and knowledge base, which is why we’ve started developing Dental Up. Additionally, if you’re looking for CE credits, we’d love to have you for our events throughout the year. For more information, you can check out Dental Up.

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