Is More Coffee Really The Answer?

Running a busy dental practice can be a challenge, so it’s important to have the energy to get through the week. Instead of stopping by the coffee pot each time you’re on the way to a patient, we’ve put some ideas together on how to naturally increase your energy. 

Some of these are quick and easy, while others may take some time to develop a habit. Even if it takes a few months to clean up your diet or improve your workout regimen, small steps are still progress!

5 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Energy

1. Eat Clean (Most of the Time)

While we’re sure you have an abundance of treats from vendors and patients, it’s important to get some veggies in, too. Eating minimally processed whole foods, with a veggie emphasis, will help you avoid the afternoon slump. Listen to your body and the food that you’re craving, as well as making sure to eat when you’re hungry. Our bodies are smart! If you crave a burger, it likely means your body needs more protein.

It’s also important to note that willpower is a finite resource. It’s useless to strive for perfection, then give up and binge on all those vendor treats in the break room. Strive for an 80/20 balance; 80% whole foods, then 20% moderate amounts of treats.

2. Maximize Your Sleep

While different people have differing ideal amounts of sleep, it’s well published that quality sleep is important. It will refresh you mentally, help your body recover from workouts, and help you perform better at work. And when your job is putting sharp instruments in people’s mouths, you better be getting that quality sleep.

Try creating a calming bedtime routine, and indulge in a high-quality mattress that can help you get that quality sleep that will help you feel refreshed come morning.

3. Detach from Your Work

When you own your own practice, or are a partner at one, there are a variety of little things that need to get done. But you’re also not doing yourself any favors by never completely taking a step away.

Smartphones have made this even more difficult, but it’s important to completely detach yourself from work as much as you can. Not only will you be able to focus on the present, but you’ll also be able to start each morning ready to work because you truly took time away.

It’s okay to turn off your notifications for a bit, we promise. If there’s truly an emergency then your employees can call instead of email.

4. Increase Your Activity

By increasing your activity, your metabolism will begin to increase and you’ll see that tiring yourself out during a workout will actually lead to more energy. It doesn’t need to be an intense workout every day, and it can be small steps towards a goal.

Whether you enjoy a good run, biking along the local bike path, boot camp style workouts, or yoga, increasing your activity is a definite way to boost your energy.

5. Breathe the Fresh Air

Getting enough sunshine and fresh air each day can be a challenge, especially when you have procedures back to back. Try to take even five minutes between patients to step outside, breath the fresh air, and get some sunshine.

Spending time in the sun helps regulate our circadian rhythm, which is our internal clock. When our circadian rhythm is properly regulated, our sleep and energy improves. By taking some time each day to step outside, your mood and energy will improve, which is definitely a great thing.

Final thoughts: be the best version of yourself

Just like telling your patients to start flossing for their oral health, we’re going to tell you to work towards implementing these for your overall health. You’ll soon find yourself less likely to reach for the coffee because your afternoon slump will be nonexistent. It’s important to be the best functioning version of yourself not only for your family, but also for your practice and your patients.

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