KDA Dental Lab 2016 — Screw Retained Crowns, What Sets Us Apart, & Digital Dentistry

Screw Retained Crowns

We’ve launched a number of new dental lab products this year, including our KDZ Bruxer Screw Retained zirconia crown, or SRZ, which makes zirconia dental crowns more efficient and affordable. We’ve found the highest quality components possible at our digital dental laboratory, so you can feel comfortable using these for your patients. We’ve also watched the growth of digital dentistry, and have developed our digital capabilities inside the Keating Dental Lab so we can take scans from any digital dental scanner.

Our Latest Dental Lab Product Developments 2016

Why Choose the KDZ Bruxer SRZ Crown?

Traditionally, you would need to order an abutment in addition to the crown, which adds to the cost and the number of pieces you’re dealing with. But with this product we’re able to provide it at an affordable price point while allowing you to go straight to the implant and save time.

This new high translucent Bruxer material has 40-60% more translucency, making it an excellent product visually. We can do single units up to three unit bridges.

Currently, we’re designing all the abutments in-house on our CAB design systems. Then we export then to secondary manufacturers like Atlantis or Noble Biocare, which means we’re getting FDA and ISO 9000 approved abutments that match all implant systems. We also matched up with the manufacturers on warranty to assure you’re getting the best product at the best price.

What Sets KDA Apart

Aside from the quality of our products, we have a team dedicated to guiding you and your team through the project, ensuring you receive the best product possible. One of them is Steve, our implant manager.

He engages with each doctor, and will take the time to look at the case, make sure all the pieces are in place, discuss the case expectations, and in some cases will recommend an alternative solution that may help lower costs.

The Rise of Digital Dentistry

We see that dentistry is going digital, and we’re excited about it. We’ve ramped up our abilities in regards to digital dentistry, which means that if you have a digital scanning system, we’re compliant. We can work with any of the digital scanners on the market, and if you’re looking to invest in one but don’t know where to begin, we’d love to discuss the different systems with you.

The benefit of digital is that it cuts down on time, as well as removing the necessity of the messy mold-making process. The file can be sent to us immediately, and the turnaround is quicker in most cases. It’s more accurate, as well as impressive for your patients.

One of our goals at KDA is to focus on creating outstanding products while delivering great support to you and your practice. Whether you’re looking for screw retained crowns or your first digital scanner, we’d love to talk more about your needs and how we can fulfill them with high quality components and support staff.

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