Mac Hacks for Dentists

Mac Hacks for Dentists

Gone are the days when Macs were beloved by only creatives; dental practices are realizing their power, too. This move to the Mac operating system means an OS that’s easy to use and has established cross-platform abilities. So why move from the established PC and to a platform not specifically built for the medical community? Fewer glitches, a smoother experience, and less training, among other reasons.

As more dentists begin to target millennials, it’s important to remember certain elements, even if some seem superficial. Because of Apple’s branding efforts, Macs inherently seem “cooler”and that the user (your dental practice) is technologically advanced. Especially in the medical field where PCs may reign, though that trend is changing.

Beyond the superficial, though, are practical reasons to make the switch.

Ease of Use for Dental Staff

Because Macs are growing in market share for personal computer use, more are familiar with the operating system. Additionally, these practice management systems are developed to blend seamlessly with the Mac operating system itself. If you know how to use a Mac, then little training is needed because you’re already familiar with commands and terminology.

With a Windows program though, there are many small changes that can make a program hard to implement due to its steep learning curve. A steeper learning curve means more training and headaches for you and your team.

Utilize the Apple Ecosystem for your Practice

iPads are dominant in the tablet market, which gives your practice enormous possibilities. iPads can help with invoicing, resource, and patient management and satisfaction. By using products within the Apple ecosystem you can maximize cross-platform use and minimize glitches when moving from one OS to another.

Take Your Practice to Boot Camp

Switching operating systems can be a challenge, and it can be a long process. Thankfully, Apple’s Boot Camp makes it easier. Boot Camp gives you the ability to use Windows on the same machine, using a modified boot up sequence to change operating system. If there’s a program you still need, installing Boot Camp on the necessary machines can help simplify your process until you’re able to go entirely Mac.

Your New Dental Management Program

Have we convinced you? Here are some established programs built for dental practices using the same design aesthetic that makes Macs so desirable.

MacPractice gives you a high-quality dental practice management and clinical software at a reasonable cost. There are also a number of included software and hardware options with support service available.

MacPractice includes:

  • Perio
  • Digital Radiography
  • Schedule
  • Inventory
  • and much more!

viive is newer to the market, but already has a growing following due to their emphasis on developing with dentists to learn what is truly needed.

viive includes:

  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Patient-centered workflow
  • Simple interface
  • Efficient charting
  • Minimal training needed
  • Supported by Henry Schein, a leader in practice management software

If your office is comprised of Mac enthusiasts and you’re knee-deep in glitches from clunky programs and computers that always need a virus scan, consider becoming a Mac-based office. Your practice will run smoothly, and your employees will thank you.

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