Offshore Dental Restorations Are Hurting American Dental Practices

As the dental industry continues to evolve, offshore dental restorations are increasing in popularity. While the lower cost can be attractive, there are a number of ways these offshore choices are hurting your dental practice — and your patients.

Offshore Dental Restorations Often Require Remakes

While some companies claim their quality is just as good as American-made dental restorations, this is unfortunately not often the case. These offshore crowns and bridges can fit poorly, arrive damaged, or break during the procedure.

Instead of risking your patients’ time and money on one (or more) remakes, begin building a relationship with an American dental lab that will always take care of you and your patients.

International Shipping Wastes Your Patients’ Time

When you require more remakes, your patients will need to wait longer for the finished product. Shipping speed may be considered quick for international shipping, but it can still be longer than using a domestic dental lab. This will add time your patient is without their dental restoration.

We want our patients to love their finished smile and to experience the least amount of hassle possible. This means that when you use an American-made dental restoration, you can finish your patient’s case without the extra wait time.

US Citizens Are Losing Jobs

When dentists choose to send their cases to offshore dental labs, they are taking jobs from American workers. The price difference can be alluring, but when the quality is lower and manufacturing and shipping slower, that price isn’t better.

Creating high quality dental restorations require specialized training and an artistic touch. American dental labs have found these skilled technicians, but they are now beginning to lose their jobs to offshore dental labs.

These lab workers know how to create the vast array of crowns, bridges, and other restorations you will need, and the quality surpasses that of an offshore dental lab.

The Price Point Doesn’t Make Up for Poor Customer Service

The price point of offshore dental restorations are certainly attractive, but these companies often have small and unresponsive customer service departments. If and when you have a problem with your dental restoration, you want a responsive dental lab so you can quickly resolve the issue.

With an offshore dental lab, you will often find yourself pestering the offshore lab for a response instead of managing a busy practice and helping your patients.

It’s time to change the dental restoration industry. If you believe that a great product and a great value with a responsive customer service team is the key to a successful dental practice, let’s talk. Call us today at 800-433-9833 to request your New Doctor Kit and to learn how the Keating Difference can help your patients.

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