Product Spotlight: Working With The 3M™ True Definition Digital Scanner

The True Definition Digital Scanner by 3M makes getting an exact digital replica of your patient’s oral case for dental restorations fast and painless. The clear benefit of using the 3M™ Digital Scanner is its incredibly accurate fit–it’s so accurate that it can even replace traditional molds, which can save your office time and money.

How it works

The 3M™ True Definition digital scanner relies on state of the art digital dentistry technology to get you a clean, clear image of your patient’s mouth. It’s features include:

Powder: The scanner uses a unique powder, which is a silicone or light graphite material. Using the powder insures an instant and extremely accurate scan image.

Camera: The scanner camera is the smallest camera on the market, and the video option helps to provide you with the guidelines you need to ensure a perfect fit.

Control: The scanner has a pause option and can be used with any wand making it extremely versatile. It gives you up to seven minutes to complete the scan, so you can take your time and ensure a perfect image.

Screen: The scanner comes with a touch screen making it easy to control and access while you are performing the scan.

Why We Love It

The True Def Digital Scanner is user friendly, as accurate as it gets, and extremely fast. Performing a scan is not always the most comfortable experience for your patient, and can be difficult to perform as well if you don’t have someone assisting you.

The touch screen feature and pause option on the scanner makes it easy to perform a successful scan even if you are by yourself. You are able to easily and quickly start over if you make a mistake, and you can customize your features to fit your patient and your practice as you need.

And of course, the scanner wins us over with its reasonable price. The quality of this digital scanner is rarely seen at its price point, making it ideal for many dental offices. The True Definition Digital Scanner really is a unique gem that allows all dentist offices access to top of the line products.

The True Definition Digital Scanner takes digital dentistry to a new level. If you are interested in submitting a digital case, please visit our contact page!

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