The Benefits Of Using A Diagnostic Wax-Up During A Dental Restoration

Dental restorations can become complicated, and using a diagnostic wax-up can help prevent miscommunication before the final appointment. This additional step will help increase case acceptance while ensuring accurate seating and case planning.

It’s like the adage, “measure twice, cut once”. While using a diagnostic wax-up increases the cost of your dental restoration, it’s better to take the additional time and cost now instead of later when a restoration fails. (And it will be more expensive to fix!)

Diagnostic Benefits of Using a Wax-Up

Because the preparations need to be accurate, a wax-up can point out flaws before you place the final order for the crowns, bridges, or other restoration. Another benefit of this process is the comparison. When you can compare the diagnostic models and the diagnostic wax-up, you will be better able to visualize how to reduce the teeth. (If needed.)

Using a wax-up is like purchasing an insurance policy for your procedure, and can help you receive the best dental restorations possible for your patients.

Aesthetic Benefits of Diagnostic Wax-Ups

For aesthetic dental restorations, the wax-up can help spot issues before fabricating the restorations themselves. A high quality dental lab will be able to take the diagnostic model and create a wax-up that shows how they can create optimal aesthetics.

When your lab can show how they’re following the golden proportion of the anterior segment of the case, for example, you can better see if adjustments need to be made. In order for your dental lab to produce the results you’re looking for, it’s important that they can reduce if necessary. Without proper reduction, the preparation’s design could hinder the final results.

Cost-cutting isn’t always ideal, especially when it comes to your patient’s health and appearance. Using a diagnostic wax-up can help prevent problems before they occur, and can increase case acceptance.

At Keating Dental Lab, we provide diagnostic wax-ups that can help you further visualize your next case. Along with the wax-up, you’ll receive prep guides and a putty matrix to help ensure your temporaries follow wax forms. (If you choose to fabricate them chairside.)

For more information or to order a wax-up for your next dental restoration, click here.

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