The Importance Of Using A Quality Dental Lab

When choosing a dental lab for your practice, it’s important to find one with the right team and technology. A quality dental lab will focus on building the best team possible, from the continued training to sourcing the best materials possible.

Using a Quality Dental Lab

Hiring Highly Trained Staff

A dental lab is only as good as its staff, which means that we prioritize hiring the best lab technicians we can find. From our ceramists to technicians, we want to ensure you receive the best dental restorations possible. So when we hire trained lab technicians, you’ll receive high-quality restorations for your patients.

And because a dental lab is more than its technicians, our sales team is also trained to answer your questions and help you find the best solution possible for your patient.

Using the Latest Technology

When Keating Dental Lab began, technology was vastly different from where it is today. As technology has grown, so has our lab. Some dentists may not have the newest digital scanners, which means we need to also be able to cater to them.

We purposefully blend hand-crafted techniques with the latest technology, which gives you the best result possible. This means that we will still work with older technology, so that we can continue to offer a wide array of superior care for dentists.

Focusing on Continuing Education

You may have seen the continuing education course we have for dentists, but we also encourage our ceramists and other lab technicians to prioritize their learning. As technology evolves, we need to as well.

This means that our technicians continue to develop their skills while we continue to invest in the technology we use. That is the key for quality dental restorations.

Using Quality Materials

It’s important to use high-quality materials for every type of dental restoration. From the hand-layered Noritake porcelain to the zirconia ceramic, we use the highest quality materials possible. Our technicians are trained in working with each material, so we can offer a variety of dental restorations for your patients.

When offering patients dental restorations, it’s important to choose a quality dental lab. The right dental lab will have highly trained staff, and it’s important that the lab continues to invest in technology. We’re only satisfied when you and your patients are fully satisfied with their crown, bridge, or veneers. We’re proud of the team we’ve built; contact us today to learn more.

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