The Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Hygienist

With the holidays fast approaching, you need to remember the perfect holiday gift for your hygienist. Because we all know hygienists are those in the office with the real power. They keep our favorite gloves stocked and our preferred tools at the ready, all while serving our patients.

But while we work with them every day, it can be hard to find their perfect holiday gift. Enter our hygienist gift guide! We’ve broken it down into four categories: fitness, food, style, and productivity.

4 Gift Ideas for your Hygienist

Fitness: A Class Package to Their Favorite Studio

For the fitness lover in your office, consider a package to their favorite studio. Whether it’s barre, spinning, or an interval training class, they’re probably mentioning it to others in the office. Buying them a package of classes or a race entry is a great way to show that you know what they enjoy.

Alternatively, you can go the relaxation route. Gift them a sports or deep tissue massage for those sore muscles, which pulls double duty as some “me time” for someone in an otherwise very selfless profession.

Food: A Gift Card for a Date Night with Their Significant Other

Everyone loves food, which means this is just about the most fail-proof perfect gift for your hygienist. Gift them a meal at an upscale restaurant so they can enjoy an evening with their significant other.

This is even more perfect if you remember a restaurant that they’ve been raving about. They’ll know you listen and care about what they enjoy. (Or at the very least know the right people to ask. We won’t tell.)

Style: A Warm Scarf or Unique Bracelet

Sure, we wear scrubs every day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t gift style to our wonderfully patient hygienists. For your style-conscious but always-cold hygienist in the office, we recommend a nice, warm scarf. What’s a more perfect holiday gift than something they can use right away?

If you’re lucky enough to live where it won’t get cold this season, you can gift a unique piece of jewelry. Either a local boutique or Etsy is just the place to find the perfect gift for your stylish hygienist.

Productivity: Their Go-To Planner

Now, this is kind of a grey area because we don’t want them to believe that we think they’re slacking on the job. Instead, we want this perfect holiday gift for your hygienist to be practical and to serve them well.

If they have a go-to planner that keeps their lives, their kids lives, and their work schedule all running smoothly, consider buying them next year’s edition. Add in some nice pens or sticky notes, and you’ll have given them just the perfect gift.

Gifts for employees can be hard to find, even if you’ve been working together for a few years. So how do you find that perfect holiday gift for your hygienist? The person on your team who you work closely with each day deserves a nice gift, and these are our top picks.

Whether they enjoy fitness, food, style, or are a productivity enthusiast, gift them one of these gifts and you’ll be their new favorite boss. If you weren’t already, because we think you’re pretty great.

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