Using All-Ceramic Zirconia Crowns And Bridges In Dental Restorations

A dental restoration’s material is critical to its success, which is why we’ve developed all-ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges. There are a number of benefits to using these zirconia dental restorations. Namely, the stunning aesthetics and strength. We offer three different types of all-ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges, each with their own benefits.

KDZ Bruxer Full Contour Zirconia Crown and Bridge

We developed a new type of zirconia so we could offer you (and your patients) the highest standard for durability and aesthetics. KDZ Bruxer crowns are the most aesthetic monolithic zirconia restorations available, and are available in all 16 Classic Vita shades.

The KDZ Bruxer zirconia ceramic dental restorations are gentle enough on opposing enamel for bruxing patient, but also strong enough for long-span bridges. The average flexural strength is 1,100 MPa. We recommend the KDZ Bruxer for posterior crowns or bridges, screw-retained crowns or bridges, and crowns or bridges over custom abutments.

KDZ Ultra Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crown and Bridge

Our KDZ Ultra crowns and bridges feature porcelain fused to zirconia, which offers the ideal blend of handcrafted aesthetics and digitally produced precision. This model eliminates alloy oxidation, as well as improving gingival aesthetics.

Each KDZ Ultra crown or bridge is precisely milled by our ceramists for a predictable fit. These dental restorations are then hand-layered with Noritake CZR porcelain for a natural translucency. The KDZ Ultra is ideal for anterior and posterior crowns or bridges, crowns or bridges over custom abutments, and crown tattoos.

KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic Zirconia Crown and Bridge

Our KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic crowns and bridges utilize the strength of full-contour zirconia while maintaining optimal aesthetics. This material rivals IPS e.max crowns, while providing the ultimate in translucency and nearly double the flexural strength of lithium disilicate.

Each KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic dental restoration is CAD/CAM fabricated for the highest precision in the industry. These crowns and bridges can be developed in all 16 Classic Vita shades. We recommend the KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic for anterior and premolar cases and single-unit crowns and bridges with one pontic.

At Keating Dental Lab, we want to bring you the highest quality products available, so that you can better serve your patients. With our line of all-ceramic zirconia crowns and bridges, we’re able to do that. Whether you need a long-span bridge or a single-unit crown, our KDZ line of dental restorations will give your patient just the result they’re looking for.

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