Using E.Max Press Lithium Disilicate Restorations In Your Dental Practice

While we often talk about our KDZ Bruxer or other zirconia dental restorations, the e.max Press is ideal for many uses in your dental practice. Each restoration is made by hand in our lab by our team of talented ceramists. Whether you’re looking for a posterior crown or veneers, these e.max Press dental restorations will give your patients a superior restoration.

Creating Our e.max Press Lithium Disilicate Restorations

These hand pressed lithium disilicate ingots can be made with either IPS PressVEST or IPS PressVEST Speed. This material is strong (400 MPa), but it also features a translucency that will make it one of your favorite restorative options.

This aesthetic dental restoration is available in all 16 A-D Vita and four Bleach BL shades. We also offer staining, cut-back, or layering for these restorations, which means you’ll receive the ideal finish for your patient.

Indications for e.max Press Lithium Disilicate Restorations

e.max Press lithium disilicate restorations can be used in a number of ways, depending on your patient’s needs. This versatile restoration can be used as:

  • Anterior and posterior crowns
  • Anterior three unit bridges
  • Screw-retained crowns
  • Crowns over customer abutments
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Veneers

The e.max Press dental restoration is ideal for many situations you may encounter in your practice. For example, using this material for a three-unit bridge is ideal when the pontic width is a maximum of 11 mm in the anterior and 9 mm in the posterior. While there are other products that may be stronger, there are still advantages for using the e.max Press restoration.

Advantages of Using e.max Press Lithium Disilicate Restorations

Using our e.max Press lithium disilicate restorations gives your patients a clinically proven glass ceramic material while also providing excellent anterior aesthetics. And while some labs may make you (and your patient) wait far too long to receive a restoration, we offer a five day in-lab turnaround time.

The lithium disilicate glass ceramic we use in this dental restoration gives your patients a superior finished product while giving you the ability to conventionally cement or bond the restoration with a full resin.

Additionally, this lithium disilicate glass ceramic is roughly four times stronger than the porcelain in a PFM. e.max Press lithium disilicate restorations are ideal for a variety of applications when there is a good amount of occlusal clearance (a minimum of one millimeter).

This e.max Press is one of the variety of materials that we can use for a number of uses for your patients. This lithium disilicate glass ceramic dental restoration is versatile and offers your patient a superior restoration that matches and elevates their smile.

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