What You Need to Know About the KDZ Bruxer SRZ Dental Crown

What You Need to Know About the KDZ Bruxer SRZ Dental Crown

The KDZ Bruxer SRZ is a screw-retained zirconia crown that offers superior strength and a lower risk for implant failure. As screw-retained implants continue to grow in popularity, many clinicians are recommending its use, especially in the posterior. We offer our SRZ with both our Bruxer and Bruxer Aesthetic, depending on its placement and patient preference.

Why Screw-Retained Zirconia Crowns Improve Patient Experience

Before screw-retained dental implants were developed, the two options were far from ideal. Previously, if you had a metal abutment, you would need to place a PFM over it and that could compromise aesthetics.

The second option was a monolithic zirconium dioxide crown. This method, though, could fracture where the zirconia crown met the titanium implant. With the improved dynamics of the SRZ, we can provide a superior experience for our patients.

The Benefits of Using a Screw-Retained Implant

When placing dental implants, you want to minimize the risk of implant failure caused by excess sub-gingival cementation. Because of its unique design, the Screw-Retained Zirconia crown can help minimize that risk.

The KDZ Bruxer SRZ features a CAD/CAM designed Bruxer full-contour zirconia crown that is mounted on a fully compatible titanium base. It features a channel in the titanium base for the screw, and a screw hole in the zirconia. This design means that there is titanium against titanium, so there is no risk of it breaking.

When to Use the KDZ Bruxer and the KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic

We recommend using the KDZ Bruxer for second molars, or patients that tend to break other restorations. The KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic, though, is ideal for anterior teeth due to it’s improved translucency. It’s twice as strong as our e.max material, and offers a long prognosis and better aesthetics.

Each KDZ Bruxer SRZ package includes design and fabrication of the restoration itself, screw and Ti interface, and a soft tissue model. Regardless of the screw-retained zirconia crown you choose, each will come with a three-year warranty.

When searching for a dental crown for your patient that has both strength and aesthetics, our KDZ Bruxer SRZ is the ideal choice. There is no need to use a PFM, or worry about implant failure. We’re proud of the product we’ve developed, and think you and your patients will be thrilled with the result.

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