Anterior Composite Restorations with Dr. Dawn Wehking, DDS


Our guest this week Dr. Dawn Wehking, DDS is a graduate of The University Of Central Florida and The University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. She is a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry and an ADA Speaker at Dental Schools across the United States.

Get to Know Dr. Wehking

When you think of your dentist, you probably don’t think about someone who loves to build and create. Dr. Dawn Wehking is a born builder. She loves to build relationships and she loves hands-on work that allows her to build something both structurally sound as well as beautiful.

So then it might not surprise you that Dr. Wehking didn’t grow up wanting to be a dentist. Initially, she wanted to own a restaurant because she wanted to build a sense of community and foster relationships with her patrons. But she quickly realized running a local hotspot wouldn’t satisfy her need for creativity and hands-on work.

What she needed was a way to combine her structural and artistic flair with her passion for building relationships and a sense of community. That’s when dentistry became her clear career choice.

When you entrust your dental care to Dr. Wehking, you’ll see she’s creating and building something quite special at Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry. She’s building a relationship with you so she understands you and your needs. She’s building a solid team who provides you the best possible care. She’s creating a practice that’s a committed part of the Lafayette community. And she’s creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

Dr. Wehking also strongly believes in building her knowledge through Continuing Education (CE). She completes over 200 hours CE per year and throughout her career she’s totaled over 1500 hours. Recently Dr. Wehking was awarded Master status with the Academy of General Dentistry.  She finished the Spear Education curriculum, a place where great dentists go to learn how to be exceptional dentists.  She now serves as visiting faculty at Spear Education. In addition, Dr. Wehking speaks on behalf of the American Dental Association at dental schools across the country, teaching dental students about life after dental school. While it might sound nerdy, Dr. Wehking’s greatest hobby is dentistry. Even when she’s away from the office, Dr Wehking is building.

You see, Dr. Wehking is much more than just a dentist. She’s a smile architect.
(Wondering about the Tooth Fairy’s house in the Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry office? Well, Dr. Wehking built that, too.)

Check out her website by clicking here for more information on Dr. Dawn Wehking, DDS

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