Practicing Better Dentistry with Vista Apex, ft. Scott Lamerand, CEO

On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we welcome to the podcast the CEO of Vista Apex Materials, Scott Lamerand! After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, Scott joined Bisco as a research chemist. At the time, Bisco was a small dental material’s company leading the market in dental adhesives, where he not only was exposed to the science behind restorative dental materials but also the commercialization process and a look into the dental world from the eyes of KOL’s.  Afterwards, he decided to round out his educational background by earning my MBA at Kellogg-Northwestern University.  The diverse experiences Bisco provided allowed him to contribute to future companies in many ways.  After a few years, he found himself utilizing his business and product development skills in a market manager role with P&L responsibility for $120 million.  Things were going well, then the phone rang and Dr. John Kanca asked if he would be interested in starting a company making adhesives.  That was the day Apex was born. 

In this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, you will hear about:
– Vista Apex’s new line of products
– How these products help deliver better dentistry
– Common problems with bonding to Zirconia
– Sequence of events on how to use products to get a pristine surface for bonding
– How Keating uses Vista Apex products in the lab
– Upcoming Live events where clinicians have the opportunity to learn about Vista Apex’s products from top tier, world-renowned clinicians, Dr. Michael Miyasaki and Dr. John Kanca! Links to events coming soon!


Click to find out more about Vista Apex products and upcoming events!


Dr. Kanca was also on the Dental Up Podcast before! Check out the episode here.


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