4K Bonus Lecture: Smile Design & Anti-Destructive Techniques

4K Bonus Lecture: Smile Design & Anti-Destructive Techniques

Dr. Mark Montgomery and Dr. Hornbrook were kind enough to stick around and film this 30min+ bonus lecture for all the Dental Up & Itunes followers/subscribers.

After a brief rundown in Pre-Production Dr. Hornbrook and Dr. Montgomery decided to have an in depth discussion on the podcast subject matter.  Starting with Destructive features in our smiles and ending with the full smile design and ways to combat destructive dental features our mouths have.  Enjoy this free half hour lecture/discussion on Smile design.

“There’s usually, when we see a patient maybe for cosmetic reasons, even, that there’s a reason that things don’t look the way we think they should look or the way the patient wants them to look. When we have an opportunity to help this patient improve their smile, we always have to look underneath and say, “What are the things that are going wrong underneath here so that we can manage that as we create this gorgeous smile?”

-Dr. Mark Montgomery


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