A Dentist’s Guide to Provisionals on Cementation Day


Today, we’re going to walk through cementation day with provisionals, and how we’ll get these ready for Robin. This impression is a crucial piece of the process and something Dr. Hornbrook never skips. Robin has been in provisionals for two weeks, and we’re going to finish with ten e.max veneers.

There’s always a chance, although it doesn’t happen very much, that we won’t like the final results of the ceramic once we remove the provisionals. In that case, we could try inner restorations or we would need to make new provisionals. In this case, the tissue response is excellent, and Robin is very happy with their appearance. She even said that she hopes the definitive restoration looks as good as her temporary crown and bridges.

Taking a Dental Impression of Provisional Veneers

To begin, we’re going to put our OptraGate in, the Ivoclar is a non-latex, flexible, cheap lip retractor. We’re going to take an anterior triple tray, and Dr. Hornbrook likes to use a clear bite registration material. There are several brands on the market you can use. Next we’ll dry the teeth and overload the maxillary portion of the tray. We’ll place a thin bead on the mandibular, as well.

This will go around the margins, because it needs to be a very accurate impression. We’ll go all the way back to the second bi. Since we’re restoring her maxillary anterior ten teeth against the soft tissue, we’ll go ahead and take the triple tray and have Robin bit all the way through it. After ensuring it’s seated all the way, we’ll set the timer for two minutes.

Once the two minutes pass, we’ll gently remove the tray and ensure we captured all the gingival margins. Now, we’ll take the plastic and peel it away from the impression material.This is giving us close to a putty matrix, so if we need to make provisionals, we can use this impression and the shrink to fit technique.

We hope you found this video of cementation day and the importance of taking quality impressions. With this we’ll be able to ensure Robin loves the final result of the e.max veneers and her new smile.

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