As Dr. Hornbrook Sees it — Screw Retained Zirconia Crowns

Screw Retained Zirconia


We’ve been fortunate to have developed many incredible dental products over the years, and today Dr. Hornbrook is giving you a look at our KDZ screw retained zirconia crown, or SRZ.

Why Dr. Hornbrook is Excited About the KDZ Screw Retained Zirconia Crown

There are a few specific structural and aesthetic elements of the SRZ that we’re excited about. We use a titanium base with a screw hole channel, then a zirconium dioxide crown over that metal base.

The crown featured in the video is slightly larger than it needs to be, it’s only about 2 mm that can hide underneath the tissue. As we designed this, you still have the screw hole. Because you have titanium against titanium, the platform isn’t going to break.

There are a few different types of zirconia that can be used with the SRZ: regular and our KDZ Bruxer, which is our strongest material. It’s ideal for second molars, or those patients that tend to break everything. We also have the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic, which is still strong (twice as strong as e.max), and is what Dr. Hornbrook prefers.

Even though the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic has more translucency, it has a long prognosis and we’ve seen great success with it. The channel is so thin, that there is more zirconia, which helps the translucency and the aesthetic.

Next time you’re looking for a posterior screw retained implant crown, we hope you’ll look into the SRZ. You’ll receive the screw, titanium insert, and the zirconia crown is already bonded to that titanium, so it’s only one piece. Whether you choose the Bruxer or the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic, the new SRZ Screw Retained Zirconia is $299, which makes it a great option for restorative cases.

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