Dental Implant Lab Expert on “Implant Communication”

Dental Implant Lab Expert


Dental Implant Expert “Steve Tapie” Talks Lab Communication with clinicians when it comes to custom implants and abutments and Dental Implant Technicalities:
“I think we have more of a personal touch with the doctor. A lot of the times the doctor will get a case from the periodontist or the surgeon, and hears the case and sometimes there’s questions that need to be answered that a laboratory communicating with the doctor or general practitioner can’t answer. The communication, I think, is key to where the end result is going to be the health of the patient and the end quality and product for the patient and the doctor. Like we all know, the patient is the walking billboard for that practice, which is in turn, that practice is a walking billboard for us and the Implant restorations that we do here.
-Steve Tapie (Dental Implant Expert)

At Keating we do a lot of implant restorations, not only abutments, customs, and standardized, but also the restorations. As I walk around the floor here in the laboratory, I see a lot of very common mistakes and errors that clinicians are making and we’re going to talk about how we can avoid those. As we talk about these, some are going to say, “Aw I do that all the time,” and we should and a lot of you do, but I see it enough that I think we need to pay attention to some of these tips.”
-Dr. David Hornbook

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