Dental Up Special Interview: Tom Olsen (President of Nobel Biocare®)

In this week’s Dental UP podcast special edition, Tom Olson (President and General Manager) of Nobel Biocare® Dental Implants sits down with Dr. Hornbrook to discuss the importance of authenticity when utilizing dental implants.

The discussion also rolls in to the Evolution of dental implants over the years and the future of implant dentistry through 2020. An amazing interview that covers Dental Implants from every angle by the most qualified dental implant experts in the world.

“From our perspective, we’re a little bit agnostic here in that we obviously, our focus is on providing premium products to help our customers treat more patients better. That’s kind of our purpose, our mission. The values we try to give back are in a few different areas”

-Tom Olsen (Nobel Biocare)

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