Experience The Keating Difference

At Keating Dental Lab, we take pride in our 100% American made dental restorations. Every restoration is made in-house with FDA approved, top of the line products like our Noritake porcelains and our zirconia materials.

Many people say we got our start when we won Best Crown & Bridge Lab from Dental Town. Being chosen over larger labs nationwide was an incredible experience. As a result we soon began working with doctors across the country, and still do.

We Never Stop Learning

As the Director of Education, Dr. David Hornbrook works with both doctors and our ceramists. Our primary focus for doctors is to highlight ways to improve the quality of their dentistry while showcasing new products that helps serve patients better. Though we may not work directly with patients, we believe every case needs the utmost care with the best technology we can provide.

Working with our ceramists, Dr. Hornbrook endeavors to improve each and every restoration. We want our products to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, and his expertise during product development is giving us the ability to do so.

We Utilize New Technology

We’re driven by the desire to find the cross-section of technology and clinical solutions. Because we want to create the best restorations possible for our doctors, we track new products that can help us better serve them.

While we use new technology, we find the changes in the clinical community more important. Some technological changes may not be the best for clinicians and their patients. This means we seek out the solutions that will provide a better, faster, and more cost-effective solution.

We Create What You Need

As a full-service dental laboratory, we can create implants restorstions, PFM, all-ceramic products with KDZ Bruxer® and emax®, dentures, or any other type of removable needed. This means one statement, one invoice, one lab to call, and one stop restorative solutions. Our goal is to give doctors a higher ease of ordering with less paperwork for their staff.

When doctors choose a dental lab there are several factors, and we strive to meet all of them.

  • Pricing structure that allows dentists to remain competitive
  • A fast turnaround time for the final restoration
  • An understanding of aesthetics, materials, and function
  • The technology to handle any case

While we’re a large enough dental laboratory that we can use the latest technology, we’ve worked hard to maintain our small feel. Open communication is crucial for positive outcomes. We want doctors to feel comfortable asking us any questions they have.

We Care About Your Patients and Your Practice

We’re involved from the beginning. Our team can talk with doctors about treatment planning, study casts, and more. Because we do thousands of implants a year, we can help dentists make the best decision for the patient. The team here at Keating is top-notch, and we’re grateful for that. Our team’s knowledge allows us to build these mutually beneficial relationships with doctors. We can help them, but they also give us insight into how we can better serve them.

While other labs may have similar restorations, our passion for the dental field is the difference. When dentists work with us, they see what happens when experience and education of a team is put towards their case. With a collective 2,500 years of experience and over 1 million restorations over the last 15 years, we have that experience.

We often hear from new clients that this is how it’s supposed to work. No hassle, no multiple labs, just a dedicated and educated team creating their restorations. We’re excited about the future and thankful for doctors that trust us with their patients’ restorations.

Come and experience the Keating difference.

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