KDA Ceramic Restoration Polishing Kit by DiaShine®

One Kit for Polishing All Your Ceramic Restorations

Manufactured by DiaShine®, compliments of Keating Dental Lab. 

Receive an offer for the KDZ Bruxer® Visit.

Receive an offer for the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic

Keating Dental Lab partners with DiaShine to develop an exclusive kit for polishing our all-ceramic restorations. Working with Dr. David Hornbrook, Clinical Director of Education & Technology at Keating, it was designed with everything you need to polish your patients’ restorations, whether it’s IPS Empress®, lithium disilicate IPS e.max®, or any of the new zirconia ceramics. This includes both the traditional KDZ Bruxer® and the new KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic.

The DiaShine Kit Basics

We’ve designed this kit to have everything you need for polishing or adjusting these materials, all in a compact box. We’ve kept it simple, so there’s less deliberating and you can get right to work.

The kit has two main components; first there’s the black bur block with the polishing instruments, and then there’s the diamond polishing paste, DiaShine®.

DiaShine® Polishing Paste:

Though there are a number of diamond polishing pastes available, the best is DiaShine®.

Every dentist uses it. It comes in a syringe for easy application, either outside the mouth when adjusting contacts, or inside the mouth for adjusting occlusion. With this kit you can polish the restoration back to the glazed surface delivered from the laboratory.

The heart of the kit is the black aluminum customized Bur block.

 It is designed with five different instruments arranged in sequence 1 – 5.

Step 1:                    Green stone for coarse adjustments

Step 2:                    Blue rubber silicone dioxide tip

Step 3:                    Purple rubber silicone dioxide tip

Step 4/5:               Round boar hair brush 100-12 / 100-08 Cup boar hair brush*

*It’s important to note that the boar hair brushes should not be autoclaved, as it will damage them.

We’ve kept this kit simple, so you move from one to five, which will give you that lab polished shine.

Extra-oral Adjustments

Let’s say you need to perform an adjustment extra-orally on a Bruxer® crown, as the proximal contact is a little tight.

Start with the green stone – step 1.  (Use a latch type hand piece).

Note: The RPMs for these brushes shouldn’t exceed 10,000. (This is also listed in the kit.)

Typically, this would be done without water as it’s a heatless green stone, and we adjust a very little bit at a time. If we like the new contact, we’ll move to the silicone dioxide tips, first the blue then the purple.

We’ve cradled the purple tip in a cup so we can easily adjust both interproximal and occlusal surfaces. Once these adjustments are finished we move onto the boar hair wheel brush, with the DiaShine. The crown only needs a very small amount to have a nice glazed finish. What’s great about this cup brush is that it’s diverse. It can polish the occlusal interproximally, then if we adjust the angle slightly, we’ll get that glaze-like shine and it rinses off easily.

We could do this same process on the occlusal, as well. This kit works excellently, even for a porcelain fused or metal crown. If you’ve placed the restoration and are working in the anterior with a tight contact interproximally, these same steps give you a polished adjustment.

Intraoral Adjustment

If we place the veneers and there’s a line angle that’s a bit sharp, or the patient doesn’t like the facial anatomy, we can adjust it intraorally. This is also helpful if there’s some asymmetry in the corner.

We work through the same four steps including the brushes as listed above, keeping it at 10,000 RPMs. Once we finish with the DiaShine polish, it will be back to that lab finish.

This kit is also great for posterior restorations, especially with our onlays and inlays, and especially with the CERAC users, as those nearly always need to be adjusted. Once we’ve seated the restoration, say the occulusionis a little higher than we would like. Instead of using the green stone, because that won’t remove as much as we would need, we can use a 25 micron finishing diamond with water. Once we’ve gotten the fit right, we’ll go back to the kit and start with the first step and work through the process, ending with the DiaShine polish.

Maintaining the Kit

We’ve intentionally made this kit easy to use and maintain. Re-order numbers are printed directly on the box, and when, like any polishing instrument, these brushes wear out, the new brushes can be stored in the same Bur block. And when you need to order more DiaShine polish we’ve included the number to do so.

Special Offering

Keating Dental Lab is offering this special kit to new doctors who prescribe their first Bruxer® or Bruxer® Aesthetic crown. This kit is valued at $150.  Be sure to give us a call for more information on how you can obtain a kit for your office. 1.800.433.9833

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