Make Your Dentistry Delightful with Dr. Crossland


Some may believe the basics of dentistry are boring, but Dr. Rick Crossland sees differently. There’s a chance to find the excitement in your work every day, especially with the advancements in dental restorations. In this episode we discuss the nuts and bolts of dentistry, technology, and the importance of building a relationship with a quality lab.

We believe it’s important to enjoy your work, and today we’re talking with Dr. Rick Crossland, who believes the same. As a long time dentist working on the “nuts and bolts”, he knows that the basic cases can still be enjoyable. And with the developments in dental restorations over the past few years, we can work with dentists to provide their patients with the best dental restorations possible.


Focus on the Basics of Dentistry

Dr. Crossland emphasizes the importance of a friendly dental practice, and how the basics of dentistry can still be fun to practice. He doesn’t focus on bringing in big cases; instead Dr. Crossland wants to build relationships with his patients. A majority of patients are in for the basic cases like regular cleanings or fillings, and not veneers or a big dental reconstruction.

Dr. Crossland will use Impregnum while taking impressions, which results in clearer margins. (Which we always appreciate.) Rick and his team may focus on the basic cases, but they’ve created a system to create consistent, quality impressions every single time.


Practicing Dentistry Needs to be Fun

As a dentist with his own practice, Dr. Crossland knows what it’s like to handle the day to day management of a practice. It’s important to remember the joy you had when you first began, because some days are going to be harder than others.

If we get bitter, then working with patients will be harder. As a friend of Dr. Crossland has said, wait one extra year before selling your practice, as that will help limit the bitterness. You will have gotten the time you would like and ending your career on your own terms, which makes it and easier ending.


Improvements Are Making Dentistry Better

Developments in restorative dentistry have helped “bring the fun” back into the industry. Technological advancements makes it easier to quickly make dental restorations, so dentists can help patients get back to optimal health. And it’s rewarding for us that we get to be a part of this process.

There aren’t many moments better than seeing a patient smile without self-doubt and truly enjoying their teeth. When we have healthy teeth, we can take that for granted. But helping others achieve a great smile brings it back into perspective.


Digital Advancements in Restorative Dentistry

Because of recent improvements in creating dental crowns and bridges, the quality is greatly improved. So much so that Dr. Crossland joked that patients can buy their crowns on Amazon, and he needs to adjust any crown he puts in so patients still think he’s doing work.

While it may be an exaggeration, it’s true that the quality has increased!


The Importance of Customer Service

We’re proud of our customer service, and have invested the time and money to make it something great. If there’s ever a problem, as Dr. Crossland says, we’ll remake it. We want both you and your patient to be thrilled with the result, and we’ll do whatever it takes.

We’ve had some clients, like Dr. Crossland, for over 20 years. We know the importance of keeping these relationships, because relationships are the basis of any strong business.

Dr. Crossland reminded us today to have some fun with work. It’s important to take our patients’ cases seriously, but the it’s possible to have some fun with the dental basics, as much as with more complicated cases. And with the developments in the industry over the past few years, we can create better products to help our patients.

Thank you, Dr. Rick Crossland, for taking the time to talk with us. If you’d like to hear more of our episodes, check out our website. We also have a promotion with Dr. Crossland, which you can find here.

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