One Kit for Polishing All Your Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic Restorations


Keating Dental Lab recently partnered with DiaShine® to develop an exclusive kit for polishing all-ceramic restorations. Working with Dr. David Hornbrook, Clinical Director of Education & Technology this kit was designed with everything you need to polish your patients’ ceramic restorations, both intra- and extra orally. This includes KDA Bruxers®, the new KDA Bruxer® Aesthetic, IPS e.max® and IPS Empress® as well as ceramic veneers.

To Recieve this offer for the KDZ Bruxer® Visit: KDZ Bruxer® 

For the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic: KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic® 

Special Offering

Keating Dental Lab is offering this special kit to new doctors who prescribe their first Bruxer® or Bruxer® Aesthetic crown. This kit is valued at $150.  Be sure to give us a call for more information on how you can obtain a kit for your office. 1.800.433.9833

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