Part 2. Take A Proper Prep Shade on Anterior Crown Restorations

Proper Prep Shade on Anterior Crown


In the first ever 4K Ultra HD Chair Side Video Tutorial, Dr. David Hornbrook (Clinical Director of Technology) shows you how to take a proper anterior prep shade, walks you through darker shades in the old prep & helps your practice achieve optimal aesthetics by walking you through prep shades, prep guides and the influencing factors in developing the final shade for your anterior restoration.

Included in this remarkable clinical video series is “how to take a stump shade”, esthetic crown material options and how to use them and finally wrapping up with the Replacement of the old anterior crowns with solid zirconia high esthetic restorations.

This 4K dental video tutorial is part 2 of 4 of the “REPLACMENT OF PFM ANTERIOR CROWNS WITH AESTHETIC ZIRCONIA RESTORATIONS” Web Series with Dr. David Hornbrook.

Watch The Full Chairside Restoration Video Series:

-Part 1 Removal of Anterior PFM Crowns:

Part 1: Removal of Anterior PFM Crowns Chair Side Procedure

-Part 2. How to take a Stump Shade on Anterior Crown Restoration

-Part 3. KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic Anterior Crown Material Solutions (Whiteboard Lecture)

-Part 4. Replacement of PFM Anterior Crowns with Aesthetic Zirconia

Part 4. Replacement Of PFM Anterior Crowns With High Esthetic Zirconia

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