Part 3. Esthetic Anterior Crown Material Solutions (Whiteboard+Lecture)

Esthetic Anterior Crown Material Solutions


Dr. Hornbrook reviews highly esthetic material options when replacing PFM crowns on the anteior region in this 4K Ultra HD web video series on “Replacing old porcelain fused to metal crowns with monolithic zirconia products”.

Dr. Hornbrook starts this restoration in Part 1 by cutting of the old porcelain crowns and actually performing some conservative, very minimal prep veneers on his lower interiors to improve that incisal plane. Utilizing some of the new high-translucent monolithic zirconia strongest material we have in dentistry which is what we call the KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic and looks as good as some of our glass infused ceramic and even our lithium disilicate.  Included in this remarkable clinical video series is “how to take a stump shade”, esthetic crown material options and how to use them and finally wrapping up with the Replacement of the old anterior crowns with solid zirconia high esthetic restorations. The Patient (Dr. Dale Brandon) also has one root canal tooth, but most of the grayness is coming from that gingival third where he has some recession due to the inability for light to penetrate through that porcelain-fused-to-metal crown and light up the root.

Watch The Full Chairside Restoration Video Series:

-Part 1 Removal of Anterior PFM Crowns:

Part 1: Removal of Anterior PFM Crowns Chair Side Procedure

-Part 2. How to take a Stump Shade on Anterior Crown Restoration

-Part 3. Bruxer Aesthetic Anterior Crown Material Solutions (Whiteboard Lecture)

-Part 4. Replacement of PFM Anterior Crowns with Aesthetic Zirconia

Part 4. Replacement Of PFM Anterior Crowns With High Esthetic Zirconia

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