Shade Taking tutorial

Shade Taking Methods


Importance of Proper Shade Taking

Proper Shade taking methods are crucial to fabricating the most realistic restoration possible in today’s modern dentistry world. Gone are the days of hiring an in-house technician for all your dentistry needs. Today most dentists outsource to laboratories for the creation of dental products which means location proximity is a concern when it comes to shade taking. Fear not, for technology is an extremely powerful tool, allowing dentists to accurately record and send patient’s shade information and documentation (ie. photographs) directly to the laboratory for a precise and aesthetic replication.

Taking techniques implemented in his own practice, Dr. Jack Ringer dissects shade taking methods in this in-depth tutorial. Using the Vitapan 3D Master shade guide, Dr. Ringer explains the role that hue, value, and chroma play when capturing this necessary data to send to the laboratory for fabrication.

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