Single Tooth Anesthesia

In this dental practice enhancer video covering single tooth anesthestia, Dr. David Hornbrook (STA Expert), shows you how to increase your patient’s comfort by effectively using single tooth anesthesia with the STA WAND.

“Not only does the single tooth anesthesia wand allow me to provide more comfortable dentistry, but it also allows me to use technology that I think the patients will talk with other dentists about in the community.”
-Dr. David Hornbrook

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What are the advantages of using the STA WAND?

•The STA WAND Looks non-threatening and almost cute. Most Researchers have found that the Single Tooth Anesthesia Wand induces less anxiety than any other injection method.

•The precise and diligent control of flow rate and pressure reliably often produces a more comfortable injection even in potentially more problematic areas like the palate, where the tissue is less elastic.

•Many dentists around the world enjoy the single tooth Anastasia wand’s light weight and easy handling. The pen-like grasp allows the operator to rotate the hand piece, which can make it easier to glide the needle into the tissue.

•Two “fancy” injection techniques (the AMSA and P-ASA, for the nerds among you) are much more comfortable and effective when the Wand is used.

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