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We’re thrilled to have Steven Tapie with us today. As the head of our Implant Department, Steve is the expert on what it takes to make the best dental implant possible. A thorough education is important when it comes to dental implants, as is choosing a quality material. Listen in as Shaun and Steve discuss all things dental implants, including how to get the best impression possible and some early career goofs they’ve made

Steve Tapie is in charge of our Implant Department, which is the fastest growing department here at Keating Dental Lab. In this episode, Shaun and Steven discuss the rapid development of dental implants, continuing education for dentists, and how to create the ideal dental implant process for your patients.

Communication is Key for a Successful Dental Implant Case

Whether it’s an oral surgeon or a general practitioner placing a patient’s implants, it’s important to emphasize communication throughout the process. To complete dental implants successfully, it’s critical that the lab communicates with the dentist in regards to needs and potential complications.

This means that we’ll answer any questions at any stage of the process, because we want you to have a successful case.

Successful Dental Implants Require a Thorough Education

In the dental industry today, many dentists are attending weekend courses and returning to their practices ready to place dental implants. While these weekend events are a valuable way to increase knowledge, dental implants are complex, and inadequate training often results in uneven implants.

But as these courses improve and dentists really invest in their continuing education, we see that they’re taking the time to properly prepare these cases. They aren’t cutting corners and they’re embracing working with our lab techs to create the best result possible.

Common Issues That Arise with Dental Implants

The most important piece of the dental implant process is getting a high quality impression. Whether open or closed tray, having a good bite registration means that the implants will create a more cohesive result. If we receive a case with an impression that doesn’t fully show the details we need, we’ll get on the phone with the doctor before proceeding.

This is what we believe is our defining characteristic. We won’t proceed on a case with a low quality impression. When you stop the case and take the time to correct a minor issue before the process proceeds, you will save time, money, and patient discomfort in the long run.

Top Dental Implant Brands We Trust

As a dental lab, we have the opportunity to work with a variety of dental implant companies. However, we’ve chosen to work with four companies that have the highest quality materials for your patients. These four are Straumann, Astra, Nobel, and Zimmer.

These feature good transfer assembly systems, customer service, and clinical reps. Because we focus on having quality customer service here, we know what to look for and how important it is.

These four all have had very few remakes since we’ve begun working with them, and very few problems overall. Newer companies are often still perfecting their process, which means they are likely to have a few more issues. This isn’t to say that they aren’t quality companies; rather, they need some more time to perfect their process.

Using the Screw Retained KDZ BruxZir

We’ve developed a high quality zirconia when we first began, and we’ve been focused on continuing to improve it and our BruxZir ever since. It’s an affordable monolithic dental restoration, and is competing with the e.Max.

This screw retained dental restoration needs to be placed on the ridge. The titanium base is part of the multi-link hybrid, so when it arrives at the dentist’s office all that’s needed is to open the box and screw it into the patient’s mouth.

While PFMs are still popular for many dentists, the screw retained KDZ BruxZir is growing in popularity for its value and ease of installation.

Find the Dental Implants that Work for You

The most important thing to do when working with dental implants is to find a brand that works for you and your patients. Every dentist has their preferences, so take some time to try different companies. It’s also critical to find a dental lab that works closely with you to make the best dental implant possible.

Time is money, and if you need to bring a patient back in to make another impression, that’s time you could be spending with another. Investing in technology can also help you improve your impressions on the first try, as well as improving your overall patient experience.

When your patients feel comfortable with you and the process, they’ll be more likely to invest in procedures that will improve their oral health.

As the head of our Implant Department, we’re grateful for the wealth of knowledge that Steve Tapie has. He’s helped elevate our products even further, so that we can continue offering you and your patients the best dental implants and crowns possible.

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