Using Centrix’s Access Edge to Achieve Isolation During Dental Restorations

Today, Dr. Hornbrook is sharing another dental restoration clinical pro, this time on how to ensure you have great isolation at the margins during cementation. It can be used for preparation and impression time, as well. Before beginning, we gave Erica an AMSA injection in the palate, so she is not numb on the buccal vestibule, in the tissue on the buccal or facial.

Why We Want Isolation

She did a great job taking care of the tissue, but there’s still some slight inflammation. Because of this, the last thing we want is micro-leakage once we bond the dental restorations in place. These micro-leakages will cause contamination in the long run, which means we want to ensure it’s done correctly the first time.

How to Isolate with Centrix’s Access Edge

Dr. Hornbrook prefers Access Edge by Centrix Dental. It comes in a single use applicator compules, and is a kaolin putty and aluminum chloride. To apply, you’ll remove the small black tip, and screw in one of Centrix’s intraoral tips. They’re bendable, so they’re ideal for working at any angle, especially when working with a second molar.

We’ll put this in a CR syringe, and when it’s applied the kaolin putty actually expands as it gets moist. Atraumatically, since she’s not numb we won’t pack cord in there. We’ll inject the Access Edge into the sulcus and let it sit for around three minutes. We’ll then rinse thoroughly. We can use this around implants, transfer posts, and Dr. Hornbrook also uses it on preparation day to ensure accurate impressions on the margins.

Why You Want to Use Access Edge

While there are other products like Centrix’s Access Edge on the market, we recommend this product. These are single use ampules, which means you don’t need to worry about storage and possible contamination, or the product drying out over time.

There’s also no specialized gun like with some systems, and it has great consistency. This is especially important when taking an impression and looking for great expansion of the tissues. Our goal in using this is ensuring we eliminated adema, or sulcular fluids from contaminating margins.

Aside from Centrix developing a great product like Access Edge, it can be done without numbing the patient and atraumatically. It provides you with good margins and prevents micro-leakage, which is crucial when working with restorations.

We hope this clinical pro has been helpful for you; be sure to take a look at our other episodes as we look at other products and methodologies.

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