Outsourcing for your Dental Business

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Every Dental practice has considered outsourcing various dental cases at one point in time. For some practices, outsourcing is a crucial and essential portion of their business.
Whether if you have considered working with a dental lab or not, there are a lot of great benefits that a dental lab can provide your practice. However, before we get to that, here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for the right dental lab for you and your business.
•    It is essential to know what documents are needed to get started with a new outsourced provider. Take a few minutes and talk with your new provider and find out what you need to get the work sent out. Each company has different needs and ways of handling business and finding that information out up-front speeds up the process and allows you to work more efficiently.
•    Review the case multiple times before submitting, because Labs fill the order that you give them based on general requirements. Which is why providing the lab with detailed information and assurance will make the process more practical and useful.
•    Start building a relationship between the dental lab and your dental practice; establishing transparency in communication will prevent remakes and unsatisfied clients.
Here are a few reasons why outsourcing to a Dental Lab will benefit you and your business. 
•    The promise of consistent, high-quality results
•    Able to plan for growth without hiring skilled technicians
•    Offers products and services that are not generally provided by labs
•    Reduced labor costs
Working with a full-service dental lab will add value to your dental practice and decrease the chances of losing a patient to a competitor. The quality of the work and safety of materials is what matters the most to dentists and patients. Collaborating closely with a full-service dental lab integrates into your practice and becomes an extension of your current business. In the future, dentists will continue to do business with labs not only for the quality products but the increased convenience. Dental practices are businesses, and most companies care about efficiency. Dental Labs are there to assist and make the process less complicated as they can take on more extensive and more complex cases, allowing for an increased workflow for the dentists.  Outsourcing is not only convenient but it’s efficient, so if you’re looking for a dental lab to take some of the stress away from your dental demands, feel free to contact us, Keating Dental Lab would love to work with you.

For more information on this topic, check out our recent podcast interview with Dr. Alister Man DDS as he goes more in-depth on this topic.

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