Protect Bruxing Patients With Custom Mouth Guards And Night Guards

When serving our bruxing patients, it’s important to provide high quality custom mouth guards and night guards. These products can help protect their teeth, as well as preventing bruising and neurological injuries. With its precise fit and function, custom mouth guards are a critical piece of your treatment plan for bruxing patients.

The Importance of Custom Sports Mouth Guards

For your athletic dental patients, it’s important to share the necessity of using a mouth guard. Aside from protecting their teeth, custom mouth guards can prevent bruising, lacerations, and neurologic injuries.

Custom sports mouth guards are more accurate than “boil and bite” models, and offer a lower profile. This is possible due to our Vacuforming system and high-quality, durable materials. These guards feature a 4mm thickness and maximize breathing function.

We can produce these customer sports mouth guards in a range of colors, as well as adding team logos.

The Benefits of Custom Night Guards

Offering your patients a custom night guard solution can help protect their teeth with a precise fit and optimum function. Our Astron CLEARsplint night guards are hand-processed, and heat and pressure injected for a “flexible” hard night guard.

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One of the most important features of this custom night guard is that breathing capabilities remain unhindered, and your patients can wear these night guards throughout the day or night. These retainers are less bulky, and are produced to be nearly invisible.

These custom products will fit your bruxing patients much better than off-the-shelf models, and we’re proud of how our team has developed this product.

Whether your dental patients are running on a field or trying to get a restful night of sleep, they can benefit from a custom mouth guard or night guard. These products offer a precise fit and function while also protecting your patients’ oral health.

For more information on our custom mouth guards and night guards, give us a call at 1-800-433-9833 for a free consultation.

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