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A digital dental lab is an organization that can manufacture and design restorations using digital techniques. One such service is receiving intra-oral scans from the clinician. The clinician does not have to own a scanner for a lab to be digital. The lab can take analog impressions, and we scan them into a software program using digital technology. Keating’s laboratory offers both technical and supportive advice regarding how your next case is produced using digital technology.

Digital dentistry is the use of digital technologies within dentistry. It includes the use of digital imaging and scanners, computeraided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), digital dental prosthetics, 3D printing, and robotic dentistry. Digital dentistry allows dentists to provide more accurate and efficient diagnoses and treatments. It also allows them to provide a more personalized patient experience with greater precision, comfort, and convenience.

For a lab to be digital-ready, it has to have the ability to design, print, and mill lab products and services. They have to have a team of information technologists to manage and run the operation. There have to be skilled technicians to create the design using up-to-date software and hardware that is fast and efficient. The digital dental lab has many parts running, so there has to be management leading the department and quality control department making sure the design fits and final restoration are of high excellence. Our digital dental lab uses trusted equipment and resources to create dental restorations, and our relationships with digital dental suppliers are very valuable. We stick to a consistent workflow that aims for speed, accuracy, and fit. Owning digital equipment that is virtually mistake-free when creating digital restorations is crucial in maintaining the reputation of one of the best digital dental labs.

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We know that clinicians have their choice of intra-oral scanners that they use at their office, so we accept all major scans from the manufacturer. The scan is the impression of the patient’s mouth and is used to send to our lab for fabrication of printed model and milled restoration. Our digital printers can print dentures and are created using digital dental lab techniques. People might wonder why digital? The short answer is quality-effectiveness for both the lab and clinician. It is also more accurate and is less likely to have issues or remakes. The technology guides the technician and clinician through a process to minimize errors such as undercuts, open margins, and contact problems. This can all be corrected using digital dental lab programs so that there are little to no adjustments chairside.

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We use CAD/CAM technologies to mill restorations from zirconia pucks as a digital dental lab. Or zirconia can only be created through the use of digital technology. The material is solid and translucent and can be recommended for specific patient requests. Creating a digital crown again aims to reduce any issues that may occur in scanning and designing the case from start to finish. Another factor is that when you send the impression digitally, which your scanner can do, our lab almost receives the file instantly and can begin working on it immediately.

Whenever there is a question about a case, you can write them in your notes with the digital impression, and someone will reach out to you to collaborate on the matter. Our lab does more than produce single-unit zirconia cases; we enjoy complex cases. Part of incorporating digital dental technology is that we can now create custom abutments and crowns. Since the beginning of the digital dental lab transformation, we have had access to this process.

We have partnered with intra-oral organizations and have offered discounted prices on scanners for clinicians. We recommend that you ask if they offer technical support if you purchase a scanner in case your equipment runs into any issues. The last thing you want to happen is that the machine stops working while the patient sits in the chair after being prepped. Another thing to look for is if there are any trade-in values.

Some companies will buy out your old machine, and you can put it towards owning a newer one. Technology changes, and it is always a good idea to stay up to date. Ultimately ask for a demonstration at your office and see which one works for you. We can accept cases from any manufacturer and guide you by adding Keating Dental Lab to your choice of labs. Also, be careful of getting into contracts with labs that lend you the scanner because you might be limited to only sending cases to their lab, which may be a problem.

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Another thing to look out for is where your restoration is going after sending the impression to the lab. Some labs will outsource all of their work to cheaper and low-quality labs to save money. Although this option might work for some, it is better to go through a trusted company like Keating Dental Lab who will fabricate their products and services in-house using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM mills and digital printers for dentistry.

Again, our zirconia pucks are produced to our specifications and made from a high-quality Tosoh material. We would not want to use any other material that would cost less and like some labs offering crowns in the $20-$30 range. Our digital dental lab values quality and believes in excellent customer service to get the product done right the first time and offer a restoration that lasts in the long run.

There are chairside mills that are storming the dental world, and some clinicians are choosing to create restorations in-house. This leaves fewer opportunities for dental labs to fabricate crowns for in-house milling owners. However, the crown is not the only available product in the market.

Our team of technicians would agree that complex cases are a chance to show off talent and abilities. We work with dentists who own their milling machines and find that they choose to send the problematic cases to Keating Dental Lab because they can not be done with their equipment. This is completely fine and encouraged as we do not expect chairside milling machine owners to send us all their cases. When the opportunity presents itself, and you need assistance in creating complex cases, call our digital dental lab, and we will help produce what the patient is looking to achieve.

In reality, a digital dental lab combined with a digital dental office can create digitally manufactured dental products. The lab creates restorations using digital dental technology; the clinician helps by sending digital files of the patient’s impression of the mouth. We work on the crown, abutment, denture, and appliances that need to be manufactured. We offer modeless products and services that save time and money.

The lab does not charge shipping fees when the file is sent digitally, but we charge for the case to be shipped back. As a digital dental lab, we have seen a significant decrease in remakes because of the accuracy and durability of our products. We invested in the top digital dental workflows and have created many restorations with great success.

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When you are ready to send your next digital case to our lab, give us a call or email, and we will guide you through adding our dental lab to your network so next time you send a case, you click the lab and press send. Our continued success with our clinicians and vendors has been great. We want our new customers to be at ease knowing that they have a digital dental lab supported by trusted organizations. We value ethics in creating digital dental restorations.

We offer clinical events throughout the year and have a social media presence that showcases some of our work. You can also meet us at some of the most prominent dental shows in America and see our work in person. Or get in touch with our lab, and we will get you started on your next digital case. Also, if you need a scanner, we can point you in the right direction. We have everything you need to be comfortable working with a digital dental lab, so contact us today.

The most important thing to remember is what digital workflow works for you. We can adapt to any workflow you offer. Not all of them are the same, as various files come in every day. Our protocols ensure that you will receive high-quality restorations and excellent customer service.

Please don’t hesitate to add our lab and send the case digitally. We have a solution to your workflow, so let us get started. You can reach the lab at (800) 433-9833 and ask for our CAD/CAM manager or general manager, and they will get you started. If you have questions about implants or removable, ask the managers in those departments. We hope to connect with you real soon.

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