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Ladies and Gentlemen, we made it! This is the last episode of 2018. For this last episode of the year, we decided to do the “Best of The Dental Up Podcast 2018”. This episode will have some of the best advice, funny stories or in-depth analysis of the Dental Industry.

Down below we have listed the selected guests alongside their episode number and time location on the podcast.

Dr. Derek Jones | Episode 115 | 1:45
In this clip, Shaun talks about the time he got disciplined during PE when he was a kid. The team made a quick animation, which you can watch, down below!

Listen to the full Dr. Jones episode here:

Dr. David Doan | Episode 119 | 3:15
You just finished high school; you know you want to pursue a career in dentistry. What’s your next step? What do you do? What is the process one takes to apply to a University of your choice? Luckily, in this episode, Dr. David Doan talks about what the process is when applying to different schools. He also gives you some tips on what to do to increase your chances of getting in.
Listen to the full Dr. Doan episode here:

Dr. Dawn Wehking| Episode 110 | 9:51
There are several ways to connect and help understand your patient about a certain procedure or “the bigger picture” than the use of photography. In this clip, Dr. Dawn Wehking talks about how she uses IntraOral Photography in her day to day appointments.
Listen to the full Dr. Wehking episode here:

Dr. John Kanca | Episode 108 | 12:01
Do you know what classes or courses to take for your CE? In this podcast, Dr. John Kanca talks about what to focus on when taking CE Courses. He goes in depth in why it’s important to know what materials you are using and how to use them.  He will give you a few subjects you can focus on that are low in cost but high in the return value.
Listen to the full Dr. Kanca episode here:

Dr. Charles Brown | Episode 124 | 17:00
If there were someone you’d ask information and advice about dentistry, it would be Dr. Charles Brown.  In this episode, Dr. Charles Brown goes in depth about the differences between HMO/PPO and how it affects a Dental Practice. He also gives out some good advice to the younger crowd in which he learned over the years.
Listen to the full Dr. Brown episode here:

Dr. Derrick Hinkle | Episode 130 | 20:27
The longer you work in this field (Dentistry) the more you learn about your patients and faculty.  It’s awesome to hear everyone’s backstory and in this episode, Dr. Derrick Hinkle talks about why he decided to help out one of his faculty members and how Keating Dental Lab helped to seal the awesome act of gratitude and change a person’s life!
Listen to the full Dr.Hinkle episode here:

Dr. Felicia Fontenot | Episode 132 | 25:25
It was an honor to interview the first Apache Dentist, Dr. Felicia Fontenot. We get to hear her story and her time in school.
Listen to the full Dr.Fontenot episode here:

Dr. Wade Kifer | Episode 133 | 29;48
In this clip, we talked to Dr. Wade Kifer and discussed the upside of living in an age where you have access to free and paid educational content.  Allowing this new generation to flourish both mentally and financially.
Listen to the full Dr. Kifer episode here:

Dr. Angela Ruff  | Episode 129 | 35:52
We chatted with Dr. Angela Ruff and got to know what truly motivated her to buy her own practice and when she realized that practicing dentistry is way different than running a business.
Listen to the full Dr. Ruff episode here:

Dr. Bailey Pfeiffer  | Episode 115 | 41:41
Are you the leader in your practice? In this clip, we talk to the very energetic Dr. Bailey Pfeiffer and discuss what it truly takes to run a practice as a business. She also gives some insights into Corporate Dentistry.
Listen to the full Dr. Pfeiffer episode here:

Dr. Francisco Darquea| Episode 121 | 53:12
In this clip, we got to know a very talented young man, Dr. Darquea. He talks about his great journey and truly following the American dream, we chat about a touching moment he had with a patient who was truly happy with our Keating product and gives some good advice to up and coming dentists.
Listen to the full Dr. Darquea episode here:

Dr. Sameer Puri | Episode 101 | 56:19
What was the last piece of equipment you’ve bought? Are you open to change and the evolution of procedures and equipment? In this clip, Dr. Sameer Puri talks about the importance of accepting change and adapting to the always changing technology.
Listen to the full Dr.Puri Episode here:

Dr. Tiffany Dushane | Episode 131 | 1:01:11
When did you know you wanted to be a dentist? Dr. DuShane knew at age 7. She goes into detail on what inspired her to pursue a career in dentistry and what her experience was as an associate.
Listen to the full Dr.DuShane Episode here:

Dr. Sandra Calleros | Episode 123 | 1:04:16
If you are just starting out in Dentistry and need a quick summary of tips, techniques, and things to look out for… this is the episode for you! Dr. Sandra Calleros dishes out several tips and advice that she has learned over the years.
Listen to the full Dr. Calleros Episode here: keatingdentallab:// 


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