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High-Quality Premium Dentures ft. BlueLine® Overview

Featuring Ivoclar Vivadent’s BlueLine® & Ivocap Acrylic Processing

High-quality dentures don’t have to be price-prohibitive when you turn to Keating Dental Lab’s ultra-premium dentures. Building from an Ivocap® injected and heat-cured acrylic bases for a more accurate and secure fit. Every premium denture features Ivoclar Vivadent’s BlueLine® teeth, which feature dentin and incisal layers to mimic natural dentition better than conventional acrylic denture teeth with exceptional resistance to wear.

Premium denture price includes:

  • Bite block
  • Setup
  • Ivocap® finish
  • Ivoclar BlueLine® teeth
  • First try-in and finish
  • Patient name engraving
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Premium vs. Standard Dentures

Video Transcript with Dr. Hornbrook

Although we’re widely known for our ceramics and our Bruxer® family of zirconia, a lot of people don’t know that we are a full-service denture laboratory which includes removable prosthetics.

Even though implants have taken over a lot of the uses of full dentures, it’s still common in most practices to do full dentures. That can either be an immediate, or it could be a replacement of an existing denture that perhaps doesn’t fit. Or, maybe it is missing teeth or the patient can’t function with it. Finally, as a new prosthesis for a patient that is going to lose their dentition.

At Keating’s Denture Laboratory we actually have a family of dentures. They’re in three categories. The first one is our standard. The primary difference between our dentures and the quality of dentures are the teeth that we use and the way that they’re processed.

Standard Dentures

The standard denture is our least expensive denture. It uses a processing kind of like what you did in dental school where it’s powder liquid. We flask it. Even though they are very accurate there are systems which are more accurate that we’ll talk about.

Typically we use less expensive plastic teeth on these. Most of the times when doctors are ordering standard they’re being used as an immediate case or maybe as a temporary denture. They look great. They fit great. They’re just a little less expensive for processing and teeth.

Premium Dentures

Our next denture is what we call our Premium denture. Our premium denture uses Ivoclar teeth, a better quality tooth as far as durability and even in the depth of the characterization aesthetics in our standard. What really separates it is the way it’s processed. It uses Ivoclar’s Ivocap system. Which, instead of a powder-liquid that potentially can introduce some porosities, it’s actually a capsule that is heated and injected into the denture flask. The fit is unbelievable. The density and the chances of staining and discoloration and porosities are much less than traditional flask dentures.

Ultra Premium Dentures

Our third is what we call our Ultra Premium. Just like our Premium denture, it also utilizes the Ivocap system which I think is probably the most accurate denture system on the market regarding fit, density and long-lasting quality. The difference with the Ultra versus the Premium is we use a very high-quality tooth. We use Ivoclar teeth. A very high-quality tooth with a lot of characterizations and also the processing and the gingival aspect of the denture, there’s more characterization.

Dentures Dental Lab Final Thoughts

Standard dentures are our least expensive, premium dentures are of better quality and ultra-premium dentures are of the highest quality. It really depends on what you’re charging in your own practice, what the demands of your patient are and how long this patient is going to have this denture. Be sure to call us at Keating Dental Lab Dentures Dental Lab to discuss the best option for your case.

Premium Dentures ft. BlueLine® Resources


BlueLine® posterior teeth were designed to offer the widest choice of denture occlusion available.


BlueLine® anterior teeth offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Premium Dentures ft. BlueLine® Technical Specs


BlueLine® esthetic denture teeth are available in all 16 A-D classic vida shades and four exclusive bleach shades. The newest technologies were used to formulate and exactly replicate all the internal shades so that each and every shade is consistent. Precise shade communication is with the denture lab is best achieved using the BlueLine® shade guide. These new shades will simplify shade matching for partial denture cases.  BL Series bleach shades are designed to answer patients’ requests for younger looking restorations or to match existing adjacent bleached teeth.

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