The Ultimate Guide to Emax Crowns


Dental restoration has come a long way over the years, and the use of Emax Crowns is one of the latest developments in the field of dentistry. Emax Crowns are all-ceramic crowns made from leucite-reinforced lithium disilicate ceramic, which is known for its strength and aesthetics.

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of this material for dental patients, as well as some of the potential benefits that come from using this type of crown.

Key points:

  • Emax Crowns are an all-ceramic restoration option that is designed to last and look natural. 
  • They are made of leucite-reinforced lithium disilicate ceramic which has excellent strength and aesthetic benefits. 
  • Benefits of using an Emax Crown include a snug, comfortable fit with customization; high durability; and a more natural, translucent color. 
  • Additionally, oxygen permeability is improved with Emax Crowns compared to other materials, potentially increasing their longevity. This makes them potentially longer-lasting for patients.

What is an Emax Crown?

Emax Crowns are a special type of all-ceramic crown made from leucite-reinforced lithium disilicate material. This single block of material provides excellent strength, making it highly durable and reliable as a restorative crown material. Additionally, the material has superior aesthetics, making it a great option for those seeking a natural look for their dental restoration.

The Advantages of Emax Crowns to dental patients

The benefits of Emax Crowns for dental patients include: 

  • Comfort of fit. As the crowns are highly customizable, they are more comfortable for the patient than other materials. 
  • Strength and durability. The high-strength material makes the crowns highly resistant to wear and tear, potentially making them last longer than other materials. 
  • Natural appearance. The material is translucent, making it difficult to detect from the patient’s other teeth.
  • Improved oxygen permeability. This increases the longevity of the restoration.

Zirconium and Emax Crowns

Zirconium and Emax crowns both offer excellent strength and aesthetics for dental restorations. However, there are some differences between the two materials, such as: 

  • Zirconium crowns are semi-metal and come in one standard shade while Emax crowns are porcelain and more customizable, as they can come in a variety of shades. 
  • Emax crowns offer improved oxygen permeability compared to Zirconium crowns, making them potentially longer lasting. 
  • Emax crowns provide more natural-looking results due to their translucency while Zirconium crowns have a more metallic shade. 
  • Emax crowns are generally more expensive than Zirconium crowns.

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Emax Crowns FAQs

What is Emax?

Emax is a type of all-ceramic crown used in dental restoration. It is made of leucite-reinforced lithium disilicate ceramic and is known for its strength and aesthetics compared to other materials. It is highly customizable, allowing for an exact fit for the patient and providing a more natural look due to its translucency. Additionally, the improved oxygen permeability provided by the ceramic material can potentially increase the longevity of the restoration.

Which is better zirconia or Emax?

This depends on the desired outcome of treatment. Zirconia is a popular option for durability and natural esthetics, while Emax is a more esthetic choice with improved stain resistance. Both have their pros and cons, so ultimately it depends on the individual patient's needs.

Is Emax better than porcelain?

Generally speaking, Emax is more esthetically pleasing than porcelain due to its ability to achieve brighter and more vivid shades. Most types of porcelain are also more susceptible to staining and less durable than Emax. However, certain types of porcelain may be better for certain applications so it depends on the individual circumstance.

Are EMAX crowns expensive?

Yes, EMAX crowns are typically more expensive than traditional porcelain crowns. This is due to the fact that EMAX crowns use high-grade materials, specialized digital scanners, and cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology, which add to the cost of treatment.

How long do Emax crowns last?

Emax crowns can last for many years when properly maintained. With good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, EMAX crowns can last up to ten years or more.