Better Your Practice Today with Advice from Dr. Hirsch

Better Your Practice Today with Advice from Dr. Hirsch

Continued growth is critical in dentistry, and we’re grateful Dr. Tom Hirsch could be with us on today’s Dental Up podcast. When Shaun and Dr. Hirsch met nearly fifteen years ago, we don’t think they realized how much they would be working together. In addition to some slight reminiscing, they also discussed the importance of precision in restoration dentistry, dental marketing, and continuing education.

Why Dental Conventions Work

Both Shaun and Dr. Hirsch have had the chance to travel often, which is how they met nearly 15 years ago at a dental convention in Atlanta. Dr. Hirsch was there promoting his product Isolite, and found our booth.

Dr. Hirsch sent us an initial test case (28 units!), and soon he came to the lab for a visit. As a dental lab, we emphasize the importance of a high quality staff and product, which our General Manager Bob Brandon has done an incredible job of developing.

Because we want the best for our patients, dentistry is a field where it’s important to be a bit picky. Dr. Hirsch is one of those doctors, and we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to create the perfect dental restorations for him. As they say, the rest is history because once Dr. Hirsch connected with us, he’s continued to send us cases since.

The Importance of Precision in Dental Restorations

When working with patients for dental restorations, precision is key. Regardless of the primary problem we’re fixing, creating a well-fitting restoration can help solve other issues like TMJ and a collapsed overbite. For this patient in particular, we were able to open her bite about four millimeters, which gave her the chance to eat normally again.

Some may believe that most dental restorations are cosmetic, but this patient shows that creating perfectly fitting units can lead to a better quality of life.

Stars Need Dental Restorations, Too

Due to HIPAA we can’t share too much, but Shaun and Dr. Hirsch did talk about creating restorations for former NFL lineman Dick Butkus. We were even able to bring him in to the lab to create some advertising on the strength of the KDZ Bruxer.

See? Dentistry can be cool at times!

The Growth of CEREC Machines in Practices

Dr. Hirsch first started using a CEREC machine about seven years ago, and he loves the results. As a type of CAD/CAM milling machine, Dr. Hirsch was able to create his own restorations.

However, his real passion lies in working with his patients, so he’s continued to send cases to us. This is an important distinction for dental restorations. You may be capable of milling out a crown or bridge, but it also takes you away from interacting with patients. By sending in a restorative case, you can spend more time with your patients and minimize your to-do list each day.

The Choice to Do No Marketing

As a dentist in Malibu, Dr. Hirsch is fortunate to have patients with discretionary income. This means that he sees more cosmetic procedures, and doesn’t need to rely on marketing his practice. This means virtually no external marketing. Because of his location, though, his practice is still doing very well.

This type of practice could mean Dr. Hirsch ignores those with less discretionary income, but he doesn’t. Regardless of each patient’s profession, he gives each patient high quality care and is easily accessible for emergencies. By investing in technology like the CEREC machine while also developing a relationship with a dental lab, Dr. Hirsch is able to create a welcoming and skilled dental practice.

These are all instances of internal marketing, even if it’s not in the typical form of email newsletters or connecting with current patients on social media.

The Benefits of Online Reviews

Another great resource Dr. Hirsch has gotten involved in is Yelp and Google reviews. Just as with clothing, patients shop for the best dentist they can find, which includes checking online reviews.

It’s also important to treat every review the same, even if it’s a negative one. One or two negative reviews among 20 five-star reviews shows that you aren’t culling the results. (It’s not possible, but it’s still important to appear that way.) People are allowed to have their opinion, and it gives us a chance to thoughtfully respond to their critiques and consider how we can improve.

The Importance of Investing in Yourself

As Keating, we truly believe that — required or not — CEUs are a critical piece of a dentist’s career. By taking the time to invest in yourself, you can further distinguish yourself in a crowded industry.

You get out what you put in, whether that is in relationships or your career. If there is one piece of information we can share from this discussion, it’s that. If you fail to invest quality time and resources into your field, you likely won’t move very far during your time in practice.

When developing your career, it’s important to realize a few different things. Like how those you meet at a conference could become your next client, or how your bedside manner needs to remain consistent. And especially the importance of investing in yourself. Continuing education is critical to your success as a dentist.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Dental Up podcast. Visit the Podcast section of our website for more episodes.

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