Practicing in the Digital Dentistry Era

Practicing in the Digital Dentistry Era

| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Russell Jensen DMD |

Practicing dentistry since 2013, Dr. Russell Jensen DMD took over an existing practice after gaining two years experience in a clinic setting. Russ explained the digital tools he has incorporated to help the transition to dental practice ownership. Starting dentistry in the digital era, Dr. Jensen had many tools at his disposal to help him practice with precision and predictability resulting in little to no remakes. Since Russ was already using the 3M True Definition scanner for Invisalign cases, he was able to use the same exact scanner to send digital impressions to his laboratory for fabrication of crowns and bridges. Russ practices Golden Rule Dentistry, reframing from cutting corners when it comes to products or materials as he would not use inferior materials for himself.

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