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Shaun and Dr Baird

| Dr. Bruce B. Baird DDS + Shaun Keating CDT |

This week’s featured guest, Dr. Bruce Baird DDS is a nationally renowned premier cosmetic dentist and has been named one of the nation’s most productive dentists. His expertise as an implant dentist has afforded him the skill to perform dental implant surgery and restorations since the mid-1980s. His outstanding work in dental implant surgery and restoration is well-known in the field of cosmetic dentistry and has been published in a number of technical journals. He is the president and founder of Productive Dentist Academy, a dental consulting, continuing education and full-service marketing company that has helped thousands of dentists across the United States build better practices and take better care of their patients. Learn how to increase your productivity, decrease stress and deliver an outstanding patient experience.

Granbury Dental Center in Texas


Granbury Dental Center Video with Dr. Bruce Baird


Dr. Bruce Baird and Staff of Granbury Dental Center in Texas

Show Notes

01:04- How about them Eagles?
05:20- At what point did you say “I want to be a dentist”?
06:50- Educational Background and Military Service.
08:30- What did you do after your service for our country?
10:20- How did you start your first practice? Implant Dentistry?
13:13- Mobile Implant Practice.
14:10- Did you have any implant mentors?
15:30- Current Schedule and Profitability
16:55- Productive Dentist Academy History and Background
20:40- Perfect Day Scheduling is a lie.
22:35- First know your GOAL for production an hour.
31:12- Good Communication
33:05- 1 Treatment Coordinator per Operatory
35:29- What are the Treatment Coordinator’s responsibilities?
36:45- Accountability?
39:20- Oldest Patient with a full upper screw retained denture. Guess the age.
41:08- 3:1 Diagnostic ratio? Who Diagnose? Who sees’s new patients?
45:42- You don’t know everything, Keep learning!
47:00- Pick Patients, slam that Reconstruction Fee.

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