The Disconnect in Dental Insurance with DentalHQ’s Founder, Dr. Brett Wells

On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast we meet with Dr. Brett Wells, Founder and CEO of DentalHQ. Dr. Brett Wells runs a five-office group practice based in Raleigh, NC, where he also created DentalHQ, because self-administering his membership plan became too cumbersome and existing platforms are just not good enough. A native North Carolinian, Dr. Wells bleeds the teal and black of his hometown Carolina Panthers. He’s a consummate entrepreneur, building not only a successful five-office dental practice but also concepting and starting DentalHQ. Despite his success, Brett holds true to his belief that intelligent alien life is “out there.” Out there, indeed.

In this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, you will hear about:
– Dr. Wells in Dental School and how he started his practice afterwards
– The problems and frustrations that led Dr. Wells to create DentalHQ
– Building a membership base
– How to begin introducing patients to a membership plan
– Tips and things to avoid when starting your own membership plan
– How to attract new patients to your practice


For any questions, advice, or stories, Dr. Wells can be reached at [email protected]. To find out more about DentalHQ, head on over to their website here!


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