The Importance of Financial Discipline with Dr.Heath Lampee, DMD

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Our guest this week is Dr. Heath Lampee, DMD. We sat down with Dr. Lampee and discussed the importance of having financial freedom. How he was able to reduce his debt completely and turn his fairly new practice into a well-established pillar in the Beaverton Community. How he utilizes traditional and new digital media to reach out to new potential clients and why investing in your education after graduating is important for your growth and future success.

In this episode you will hear about:
-Dr. Lampee talks about the importance of paying off your debt as soon as you can.
– Why it’s important to invest in CE to grow!
– He talks about his philosophy “Keep it lean, keep it smart, keep it small”
-His experience in purchasing his practice at a very young age and how he was able to turn it into a financial success.

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