Bruxer® SRZ Dental Implants

Bruxer® SRZ dental implants are strong, stable, and provide an excellent, natural look. Bruxer® SRZ crowns eliminate the risk of implant failure, which can be caused by excess subgingival cementation.

These dental implants are now emerging as one of the most popular dental restoration solutions, and are popular among patients and dentists alike.

Bruxer® SRZ Dental Implants Are All-in-One Solutions

Bruxer® SRZ dental implants offer an easy-to-use screw-in system. Every dental implant comes with all of the necessary components, including design and fabrication, the screw and Ti interface, and the soft tissue model. This complete package ensures a strong, stable crown implant every time.

The Benefits of Screw-Retained Dental Implants

Bruxer® SRZ crowns are screw-retained zirconia implants, which are increasingly being favored by patients and dentists alike. The metal base can be hidden beneath the tissue and is essentially unbreakable.

The crown can then be screwed into the base. The crown features a screw hole, making installation easy. The channel itself is thin, allowing for most of the dental restoration to be fashioned of high-strength zirconia.

Bruxer® SRZ Are Crafted with the Finest Materials

Bruxer® SRZ crowns are crafted with an immensely strong zirconia ceramic that has been developed by Keating Dental Lab’s research and development team. These crowns are able to stand up to the toughest real-world conditions. KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic SRZ dental implants can be used when high-translucency solutions are needed.

The zirconia used is gentle on surrounding enamel, but strong enough for long-span bridges. Bruxer® SRZ crowns feature average flexural strengths of 1,100 Mpa. This offers a fracture toughness of three to six times that of typical zirconia. This zirconia dental restoration offers a non-oxide forming alternative to alloy restorations.

Bruxer® SRZ Implants Provide a Natural Look

Available in all 16 Classic Vita shades, finding a crown with the perfect coloration is not difficult. The crowns themselves are exceptionally beautiful and portray a natural, strong look. These crowns offer an excellent alternative to traditional full-cast restorations.

Keating Dental Lab Provides Quick, High-Quality Service

Bruxer® SRZ dental restorations can be turned around by our dental lab in just 3 days. This means patients will not have to wait long to receive their custom dental restoration solution. Bruxer® SRZ dental restorations are easy to install, and they are backed by a three-year warranty.

Do you have any questions or would you like to find out if Bruxer® SRZ dental restorations are the right solution for you? Get in touch with our dental lab team to learn more. We would be happy to supply you with further information, and to examine your individual case.

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